Monday, October 27, 2008

Been way too long

So most of you know I am now working at a new salon. After my Cancun trip I got all fired up about moving salons and getting out of a corporation. I didn't have to look too far.. actually I didn't even leave the house to find my new salon. Randy, the manager of T. Michaels Salon called me one morning and asked if I would be interested in visiting the salon and checking things out. Long story short, I loved it and I am so glad that I decided to move. Most of my clients have followed me to the new place. T. Michaels isn't far at all from JCP. In fact it is closer for a lot of my clients.
The stylists that I work with are so much fun. We all get along really well, which is very unusual. Most of the time there is ALWAYS drama at a hair salon. I have been there 2 months now and everything is going well. I could be busier, but so far I am doing quite well for moving to a new place. Here are some pictures of the new salon and my station. Also I posted pics of the flowers that my mom and mother-in-law sent me on my first day! Told ya ladies they were pretty!!! Thanks again!

Also I thought I would add in some pictures of the Halloween Party one of the girls at the salon throws every year! It was a lot of fun! Deric was Bobby Jones... and I was a Stepford Wife. My nickname at the salon is stepford so I had to go with it. How did I get this name you ask??? ONE time, I mean ONE time on my lunch break I went home and forgot my schedule book. I needed to see when my next appointment was so I called in to check. Come to find out I had a couple of hours between clients, so I told Randy I was going to take all time because I wanted to make apple crisp! When I got back to the salon I was Stepford. I take having a nickname as a high complement, because it means I have been accepted into the T. Michaels family!