Sunday, July 25, 2010

14 wks and Shimmy Fest

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 14 Weeks
Size of baby: 3 1\2inches long, size of a lemon and weighs 1 1\2 oz
Total Weight Gain/Loss: according to our scale 2lbs
Maternity Clothes: not yet but getting close to needing bigger pants!
Gender: ?????
Movement: Yes, I felt the baby move at 12 wks. I don't feel movement often though
Sleep: Good.. get up at least twice for the bathroom
Symptoms: Crazy dreams, hot flashes.. crazy hot flashes were I feel like I will pass out. I will have to talk to Dr. S about them.
What I miss: Nothing yet
Cravings: crunchy foods this week
Best Moment this week: sad but a highlight... I made dinner tonight and I ate it! The first time I did this without getting sick! YAY
What I am looking forward to: our next appointment Aug. 5th. I can't wait to hear baby's heartbeat again. I think I will ask Dr. S if I can record it! LOL

Not much has happened this past week. I am still having a little issue with hot flashes. I am pretty sure they are the cause of my almost passing out like I mentioned in last week post. I did it only once this past week. I made sure I paid close attention to what I felt first. It was defiantly the heat that hit first, then all this pressure moves to my ears and head. That is when the dizziness hits and I loose my balance and see double. Because I have trouble with my blood sugar sometimes I thought the "spells" were caused by a drop/ rise in my sugar. When this spell hit I checked my sugar right when I felt it coming on and nope my sugar was perfect. I have started eating every two hours and make sure my food is well balanced this week, so I am still trying to figure this out. It hits me usually in the morning around 9:30 to 10:30. Once the "spell" is over I am good the rest of the day. I have read online and it seems pretty common to have these types of hot flashes, but it worries me on how they can knock me off my feet! I will be sure to get some answers from my doctor.

In news other than baby..... this past Saturday night was "Shimmy Fest". This Bellydance event happens every year in Fayettville. Last year was the first time I went. It was so much fun to go and watch last years. I was pretty new to the bellydance world so it was fun to see the dances. This year was really fun also, however, I was trying to "size" up my dancing skills to the performers. I think I am as good as some of the girls that performed... not to toot my own horn! But I found some to be a bit lame and for the years they claimed to be dancing should have been better.

"Shimmy Fest" also offers a class by a "famous" B.D teacher.The class is on Friday night and Saturday morning before the show. My teacher, Bridgette, was able to make the class. I wish I would have went. I never could remember what weekend it was and I got booked at work before I realized it. The teacher for the class was an amazing dancer, she preformed twice during the show. My fellow troupe girls kept telling me, I was a mini me of Yasmine with blonde hair. My teacher said she couldn't agree more. Yamsine and I have the same style of dance and personality on stage. I did to get to meet her after the show and she was so sweet. It made me really kick myself for not doing the class. I posted a link below of a performance I found of Yasmine on you tube. This was not the dance she did Saturday night but it shows amazing her talent!

Here are a few pictures I took at "Shimmy Fest" I couldn't use flash photography so some are a bit blurry.
This is Yasmine... I loved her costume. It had a fun flower/feather thing on the side! The next photos are of a dancer named, Kittie Sparkle, she is amazing! Kittie danced on top of wine glasses....Yes wine glasses.
First layer.. 1 glass under 1 foot
2 glasses under the other

second layer
3rd layer... was truly amazing to watch
this girl was so neat to watch also..

Yasmine during the last performance.
There was many troupes and dancers this year but I just posted pictures of the ones that weren't too blurry. Kittie Sparkle is a "famous" bellydancer so can look her up! She has many different styles of dance, her talent is amazing.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

13 weeks

I promised our families I would update with a picture each week of my pregnancy. Not much else has been going on in the Bidwell house. I am feeling MUCH better and have a bit more energy! In other baby news I have had 2 friends have their babies this past week. Tara my co-worker had her little girl, Zannlee, on Thursday. Then Deric's best friend, Justin, and his wife, Stephine, welcomed their little boy, Ethan, to the world on Saturday. Please to say both moms and babies are doing well and home!

pardon the lounge clothes... they are more comfy theses days!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 13 Weeks
Size of baby: 3 inches long, size of a large shrimp
Total Weight Gain/Loss: not yet... we'll see at my 15 wk apt
Maternity Clothes: not yet but getting close to needing bigger pants!
Gender: ?????
Movement: Yes, I am 80% sure I felt the baby move on Saturday. It was a little flutter really low.
Sleep: Good.. get up at least twice for the bathroom
Symptoms: Crazy dreams, hot flashes, still sick sometimes, started getting headaches. I have almost passed out 3 times now.. that isn't fun
What I miss: Nothing yet
Cravings: pickles, pasta anytime of the day I will eat it, loving crisp salad and cold drinks
Best Moment this week: When I felt the baby move for sure! Deric rubbed my belly one night. It was super sweet and brought a tear to my eyes!
What I am looking forward to: our next appointment Aug. 5th. I can't wait to hear baby's heartbeat again. I think I will ask Dr. S if I can record it! LOL

When did ya'll mommy's have to start wearing maternity clothes? Mine regular clothes fit ok.. but they are getting pretty uncomfortable by the end of the day. My belly gets bigger as the day goes on!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Guess What!

 I have had good reason to be lacking  in the blogger world. Beside traveling back home in June and having company here over July 4th we have been pretty laid back around here. 
Deric and I are pleased to announce that we are expecting our first BABY in January!! YAY

We are so very exicited and nervous of course. We have had many doctor visits and blood work over the past weeks.  I am officially 12 weeks on Sunday  but I couldn't wait to post! It has been killing me not to spill the beans earlier! So far I am feeling good for the most part. I have been sick a few times it usually happens at night. In the beginning of the pregnancy there were many smells that I can't stand and  you couldn't  talked about certain foods or cooking. I hardly ate anything and craved  ice cold drinks.
I am feeling like I am getting out of the being really sick part but fighting with being so tired. I could fall asleep at 7pm and not wake up till 9am! I am hoping I get more energy in a few weeks. Deric has been great... he cleans everything up and lets me sleep whenever I want!

So far we have had 2 ultrasounds and 2 normal appointments. I wasn't even sure I was pregnant when I took  the test. A  voice in my head kept telling me to take the test. Because it took my body so long for my HCG levels to drop from the miscarriage, I didn't know when I would get a monthly cycle.So when it never came I figured it would in the next week or two! HAHA So yeah.... never had a cycle! I took the test and called Deric right away. He didn't answer so I called my doctors and waited to hear back from them . While I waited I called my mom because I was totally shocked! The only thing I did when I read "pregnant" was "uhhh, that's werid"  I talked to my mom for awhile and Deric called me back. I think he was just as shocked!
I had to go in that day (Thursday) for blood work and then went the following Monday. My levels tripled over the weekend ! So we had a great start. We went in a week later for our first ultrasound because we didn't really know how far along I was and due to the miscarriage. During the u/s Dr. S saw our healthy baby, a heartbeat, and two sacs!! OHHH NO..... twins... which don't run in our families. Dr. S said she was really taking a long look because the other sac looked empty but there was still a possibility a baby was in there, or was in there. She wanted us to do another u/s the next week. 

When I went the next week the other sac was completely  gone and the ultrasound tech let me listen to the heartbeat! Baby heart was 144.... it was THE best sound I have ever heard in my life!

We went this morning for our 12 week appointment and got to hear the heartbeat again. I want a little Doppler at home.... I will never get sick of hearing baby's heart! Today it was beating 170 beats per minute. Here is a picture I took a few nights ago.... I already have a little baby bump!