Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mommy's Model Baby

Here is sweet Amelia in the outfit I made her yesterday! I think it is sooo stinking cute and was happy that it fit her! I think I will have her wear it at least once a week! Thanks to Auntie Jen who made the cute flower clip. It matched this outfit perfectly! 

I have been thinking about making these little outfits and dresses for others. I have no idea what I will charge for them yet. But I know it won't be 50 dollars like a lot of people. I need to make some bigger sizes to practice. I am sure I will be able to do it I just want to make sure I have the sizing right, because I don't use a  pattern. But I am sure sweet Ana Kate wouldn't mind sporting a dress made by me. She LOVES dresses and ruffles... so that will be my mission! I am also making a couple outfits for Farrah. Her first birthday is just a few weeks away! YES,  little Farrah that I used to babysit will be one year old March 15th. I will be sure to post pictures of the finished projects.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hand Made

I have always wanted to be one of those moms who made their child  special outfits and Halloween costumes. Although I have never really taken lesson on how to sew I am fairly good at it. I can handle simple tasks and can follow a pattern. When we found out we where having a girl I was not only excited that I was going to be able to dress her up all the time but that I could maybe make her some outfits! I made her coming home from the hospital dress and now two other outfits.
Thursday Amelia wore her zebra dress (hospital dress) again. It is crazy that now it fits more like a shirt but equally adorable!

Yes the bow is huge... but I love it!

Here is the dress I just made her tonight. She is going to wear it tomorrow... hopefully it isn't too big on her.

This week has been a bit busy for us. We had some friends come over Thursday at lunch time to meet Amelia. Jeremy, Kelly and their daughter, June. Baby June is 5 months old and cute as can be. I didn't take any photos while they were here... dang! Friday at lunch Amelia and I met up with my friend Bea for a lunch date. It is nice to get out and about. Amelia is so good when we are out. She is always sleeping! As soon as she gets in the car she falls asleep.
Back to Thursday. I had to run to Wal-Mart for just a few items. When I got to the checkout I was at the front of the cart and Amelia was of course snapped to the seat part. I was loading up the stuff on the counter when the checkout girl right next to us went over to Amelia. At first I thought she was just looking at her. I kept one eye on her while still loading my stuff up. I looked over and she had removed Amelia's blanket off   her and touching her feet.I tried to stay calm and not say anything. The girl was asking questions about Amelia when I walked back to be next to little A by then the girl was touching Amelia's hands and face! I was shocked! Then I got really angry when the girl touched Amelia's paci when it fell out. YES.... She not only touch the paci but the nipple side of it. I yelled at her
 "DON"T TOUCH MY BABY!!! It is RUDE to touch a baby who you don't know. Who know what kind of NASTY germs you have all over your hands. She is only 5 1/2 weeks old.... it is NOT OK to touch a newborn you don't know! "
The girl just went on like it didn't even bother her I yelled and continued to ask questions. I am pretty sure she wasn't all the way there in the head. The sweet lady who rang me couldn't believe what her co-worker had just done. She said that girl is always touching babies and kids..... maybe our little "chat" will make her think twice. I swear if I go back to Wal-Mart and asked to leave the store I won't be surprised! I was so mad. I wanted to get the heck out of there as fast as I could. 
I mean don't get me wrong... I love when people stop at look at Amelia and tell me how cute she is. But don't touch my baby or I will throw a fit! I have no idea where your hands have been and lets face it those carts everyone touches are just down right nasty! I think from now on I will have her in the Moby Wrap. Or maybe I will make a stop sign for her car seat! :)

I was looking though our SD card and I noticed I haven't taken but a few pictures of Amelia this week. I will take some tomorrow and post them..... don't worry  Auntie Jen!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Amelia and I ran around town a little bit today. It got really chilly here over night so I bundled Amelia up in her fleece outfit.
Speaking of outfits... Amelia is in newborn cloths still but it seems like baby cloths are just like adults. They all vary in size... Some outfits are too small already and some way to big still.

Okay back to our day. Our first stop was to the salon. I had ordered some girl scout cookies and needed to pick them up. I had ordered 5 boxes... Don't judge I was pregnant when I ordered them. Now I don't want any cookies in the house let alone 5 stinkin boxes! I have already opened a box....
We stayed at the shop for awhile and visited. A few of my clients where there and got to meet/hold Amelia.
After the salon we headed to WM. We need just a few things to pick up.

After we got home I fed Amelia. While eating she well... Blew her diaper out! It was a mess..all up her back and my arms! I cleaned her up and fed her some more. As I went to burp her,she threw up down the front of both of us....nice! Needless to say she had to get a bath tonight. Bath times have been SO much better lately. And tonight she was loving her bath!

Hopefully she will sleep good tonight. She has been doing pretty good still, we have had only a few restless nights. Like I said before Amelia is truly a good baby.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Holy Cuteness

I just wanted to share some super cuteness with you! We had a wonderful Saturday. It was BEAUTIFUL out. It felt like spring! The three of us went to lunch then off to do a bit of shopping. We snapped some photos of Little A before we left the house. She looked so darn cute today!

 Those tiny feet couldn't get any cuter!

This picture MELTS my heart. It is one of many favorites!

Could our girl be any sweeter?

Hope everyone had a great Saturday. We are ending our day  snuggled on the couch with pizza and a movie. I hope tomorrow we have a spring like day too!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Thanks Deric!!

My phone shorted out on Monday (v-day). I could still use it but when I slide out the keyboard the screen when blank. So Deric offered to get me an iPhone 4!! We went wenesday night to buy the phone.So far I am loving it! I loved my iPod touch so I knew I would like the iPhone. Today was due first day I have really messed with the camera. I don't know why I waited to use it!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Month

 Happy ONE MONTH birthday, Amelia! I can hardly believe it has been one month since you came into our lives. We are beyond grateful for you and love you to the moon and back!

Your One month old stats

~ You weigh a little over 8 pound according to our scale
~You are a breast milk baby... you LOVE to eat
~You took to your paci right away at the hospital and get MAD when you loose it
~You do take a bottle of breast milk at least once a day (mommy wanted you to learn to use a bottle)
~You wear newborn clothes but your arms and legs are a big long for them
~You are in newborn diapers but have sported your cloth diapers a few times while we are home
~You have just exploded one diaper so far (while on my lap) but you are a spit up girl. You alway spit up on daddy when he burps you! haha
~You take naps in your crib but at night you are in your pack-n-play in our room.
~You are a GREAT sleeper. You nap 3 times a day for about 2 hours. At night you fall asleep between 9- 9:30 and wake up between 2 am-3am. Then back to sleep till about 7am. Last night you slept from 9:30 to 4am!!! I think you will be sleeping through the night soon! 
~You HATED your  baths at first but in the last week you decided they weren't that bad. You now get mad when I take you out!
~ You rolled over from your belly to your back a few times
~You can smile and coo but haven't really smiled at anyone yet... although I think you smiled at me but I think that is wishful thinking! :)
~You have met your Grandpa Tim, Gigi and Aunt Jen when you were born and they LOVE you to pieces. Also your Grandma Linda came when you were 2 weeks old and she adores and loves you bunches too.
~ You have witnessed your first "blizzard" when you were 2-3 weeks old
~Have made trips to all our favorite stores and been to Mommy's Salon twice. We are going to Daddy's work tomorrow.
~You are by far the BEST thing that has happened to your Daddy and I. We can not kiss on you enough! I am sure you have already had a BILLION kisses from us. 

I have my friend Cari to thank for the block idea! I thought it was so cute and had to do it for Amelia's monthly pictures! So yes.. Amelia will have her sticker/ tutu pictures and her block pictures every month!

 I know I am her mommy.. but geezzz.... could she be any CUTER!! I think she is the sweetest thing on earth!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Heart Day to all of our Family and Friends! Mommy and Daddy say I am the best little Valentine EVER! I had a great First Valentine's Day.  Mom and I ran around town today (I slept the whole time). I even had a sleeper that said "First Valentine's Day" but Mommy didn't get a picture because I was in wearing it for 2 minutes before I puked all over it and Daddy.

P.S. Mom said she would do my monthly post on the 17th.... even though I was 4 weeks old today. But I slept a bunch and mom wake me to get into my 1 month outfit.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mommy and Amelia Time

This weekend we (Amelia and I ) got out of the house.... finally!! After being stuck in the house it was nice to get out and see something beside out the front door! Friday night we headed to Sam's Club to pick up a few things. I did find some awesome buys on 3 cute summer outfits for the baby girl. They were under $6.00 a piece! I couldn't believe it! Yesterday, we headed out to Target. The last time I was at Target I was a week away from giving birth to Amelia! This must  be a record... I am there at least every other week I bet! Needless to day I was ready to browse the store! We had a few things to get but I really just wanted to walk around the store. It was crazy busy in there so we didn't spend that much time there.
Of course Little A and I are getting plenty of snuggle time still. These next pictures are some of my favorites.Notice Birdie curled up next to us.... this NEVER happens. Divot is the pup that is always next to Amelia.

This morning was pretty quite.We picked up the house a bit. I gave Amelia a bath and got her dressed for the day. Amelia usually SCREAMS when she is in the bath but today was nothing but happiness. I don't know was different but she liked her bath today! Amelia was so alert today and I decided I was going to read her some books. It was the first time I read to her... it was so neat to see her look at the books. I held them close to her little face so she could maybe see the pictures!

Amelia really enjoyed the lullaby book. I sang lullabies all the time while I was pregnant. So I think she liked it! She seems really happy when she is sang to. Good thing she loves the sound of my voice.... only my child would think I have a good singing voice! LOL I am sure one day she will really tell me what she thinks!

 Tomorrow is not only Valentines Day but Little A will be a month old (tear). Time is going by to fast.  I will be posting her first month stats so be sure to check back.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Heart is Full

I am sure like many first time parents are amazed on how much love they have towards their baby. I knew I would LOVE Amelia ... but holy smokes! I don't even have words to express my love for her. The first time I saw that little heartbeat when I was 7 weeks pregnant... It was love. It didn't matter if she was a boy or girl have some sort of disorder or birth defect....we made that tiny baby.. a true gift from God. That little heartbeat melted my heart. I was so amazed and proud of her. I couldn't wait to meet her. After months and months of disappointed of  trying to get pregnant and then the miscarriage.. I just hoped and prayed that our baby was healthy. But I knew we would get through anything God threw at us. Thankfully God gave us the most precious, healthy,and beautiful baby.
Having Amelia is the best thing that has  happened in my life. (Sorry Deric... our wedding is a close second. But you would agree with me!)  I couldn't even imagine my life getting any better. I have a WONDERFUL husband who I thank God for everyday. I have fallen even more in love with Deric if that is even possible. And now we have this amazing little girl to show the world our love. Like my husband said in this post.
 "Little Amelia is going to be totally ameliorating the crap out of my life."

Deric couldn't have been more right. We fell madly in love with this girl the moment we laid eyes on her! I can't believe she has been here for almost a month... time is going by so fast. I just wish I could make time stand still. Although I can't wait to see what type of girl she will turn into. I pray mostly that she has a heart for Christ. Will she be as loving and caring as I think she will? Who will she turn out to be most like me or Deric? I hope she has a sense of humor just like her daddy. Will she knows how much we love her... it will be my daily task to show and tell her.

~Amelia wanted to show her love today by sporting her "I love my Grandpa" shirt! She looked so cute in it  that was until she pooped all up the back of it! LOL  I have a few "valentine's" outfits for her... I have had her in one every day this week. It is her first Holiday so we had to be prepared!

haha that face is priceless!
We are still snowed in but I am ok with that. At least Deric got to spend yesterday and this morning home. Once we shovel out the rest of the 24 inches of snow in driveway we could get out an enjoy the 60 degree weather that is coming next week! Crazy Weather!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter Wonderland

We woke up to this beautiful scenery... we have about 14 to 16 inches so far. The weather man says we will get more. Police do not want anyone out on the roads because tow trucks will not be able to come rescue you! The police are having to use other vehicles beside their cars because the cars are not safe for the roads. Arkansas does not have the proper equipment anyhow to deal with a few inches of snow and we will have a few feet when it is all said and done.  Guess I should have bought those snow boots for Deric when I was at Wal-Mart the other day!

I am pretty sure we have about a 3 foot drift in the back yard. I have never seen so much snow at once! If I was a small child I would be outside all day no matter how cold it was. I LOVED the snow as a child. My mom would have to yell at me to come inside. I could so make an awesome snow fort today! Shoot, I am sure I would be out there now but I don't have snow pants. I do have a pair of hot pink snow boots. So we will be spending our day inside just admiring the snow from the windows.

We took this picture last night... I noticed that I have hardly any pictures of Little A and I!