Friday, February 4, 2011


We all want to wish my mom... aka GiGi a very Happy Birthday. I wish we could have been home with you. I know you think your birthday is just another day...but it isn't. I should have baked a cake in honor of your birthday but I think I ate enough cookies today to make up for it! :) Sorry you spent your day alone but I hope you know we thought of you all day! Amelia wishes she was snuggled up with you again!

Our little Amelia is getting big fast! It seems unreal she will be 3 weeks old on Monday! Time is really going by fast. I am loving spending time stuck in the house with her. I say stuck in the house because Arkansas has been hit with a snow storm. We have about 7 or more inches of snow and drifts about a foot deep. We of course got ice before the snow fall. So it makes driving conditions horrible. Arkansas also doesn't have any plows and just throws sand on the roads. Deric has been driving back and forth to work but there is no way I will get out on the roads with Little A.

Although we did go today for Amelia's Well Baby Check. It was suppose to be this past Tuesday but I called and canceled because of the weather. Amelia's check up went great. She is growing really well. She weighed 7.8 pounds and was 19.5 inches long. So she has gained a whole pound and grew one inch since she was born. Amelia did so well at the doctors considering she  HATES to be naked and forced to be just in a diaper for the whole appointment. She didn't cry at all until they looked down her throat.... she gagged a bit .
After we got home I changed Amelia into warm pjs and I decided I was going to break out the sewing machine. I have been wanting to make Amelia an outfit. It was perfect weather  to stay inside and sew...and the worn out baby girl helped. Amelia slept enough for me to get her whole outfit done.

I LOVE the way it turned out and can't wait to see her wear it. I know it may be another  month or so before she fits into it. She could wear the top as a dress now but because there is a ton of snow and freezing she won't be sporting any dresses just yet. All of her tights are way to big for her too.

On another note that I need to record Amelia rolled over from her belly to her back on Wednesday night (Feb 2). We couldn't believe it! Deric had her on her belly for awhile and all of the sudden rolled over. We made her do it a couple of times! This is such a big milestone! Here are the videos of her rolling over.


  1. How cute! We need to get back over to visit you soon! I can't believe she is rolling over already, she is so little! You are going to have your hands full. : ) I love how sweet Divot is with her too. And the end of that second video is too funny!

  2. Amazing mommy => super baby! William didn't roll over until 4 months, and that is pretty average. Nor did he hold his head up until at least a month. He hated tummy time. Amelia is so cute!

  3. I love the outfit you made sis...she is going to look so cute in it! I can't believe how big she is. The snow/freezing rain is really coming down this morning, so we will be staying in here as well. The ladies at work cannot believe that Amelia is alreay rolling over and holding her head up - or that you are almost down to your before-baby weight. I think you both were MADE for this - you guys are doing SO well. I miss all 5 of you so much and can't wait to see you soon. Much love! xoxoxoxo