Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

We spent the weekend at home and it was just perfect! We had great weather here in NWA and took advantage of it. Saturday I worked in the morning like always and Daddy had Baby A to take care of . She was in such a good mood all weekend!! After I got home we headed out for dinner and a Wal-Mart run.

Sunday we all slept in a bit... so nice! We went out to Qdoba for lunch. It was our first time to one. I enjoyed it but my husband on the other hand had some issues....He blogged about it here. We will be back I am sure. He will just know what to expect next time!

When we got home I tackled our guestroom and our closet. I moved the dresser that was once in the GR into our closet. I also got rid of a bunch of clothes and shoes (Deric is happy about that). I am planning on making space in the GR for my sewing table. I have already ordered the table I want and can't wait for it to come in!!

This is what happens when I leave baby girl alone with Dad during feeding time! She is so stinkin cute... makes me smile every time!

We also made a Home Depot run this weekend so I could get flowers.While we were there Deric and I decided to get a new grill. Well a grill.... we went all last summer without one. The one we had was WAY to big and didn't have space for it. So this was is so nice and small! We grilled out burgers as soon as Deric set it up... the burgers were so tasty! I see a lot of grilling in our future!

We got little A a swimming pool also this weekend. She loves it! I played in the pool with her for a long time after I planted the flowers on Monday. She is going to be a water baby.... I just know it!

Monday we just enjoyed sitting out in our backyard for a while. Amelia really seems to like to be outside. I am happy about that!! I see myself reading outside a lot this summer! I have been reading the book "Heaven is for Real" and let me tell you AMAZING! I could have read it in one day if I didn't have an adorable 4 month old who needs me 24/7!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

4 months

Amelia you are FOUR months old! I can't believe how fast time is going by! You are getting more of a personality which is so much fun to watch! Most days you are happy sweet girl! You have only had a few Diva days. But you  just flash that big smile of yours and my heart sinks. You are priceless, my sweet girl!

Here are you 4 month stats

~ Weight 11.2 pounds
~23 inches long
~You wear 3 month clothes still (a bit big)
~size 1/2 diaper, and I moved your clothe diapers to one size bigger
~Drink 4 to 5 oz of breastmilk
~You now eat cereal twice a day
~You also have eat food... squash, sweet-potatoes  applesauce, and bananas
~You sleep pretty good still... but not through the night like before!

~You roll from belly to back and back to belly now!
~You have now met your great grandparents 
~You and Mommy flew to FL for a week!
~You been to the beach!
~You are "talking all the time"
~You have giggled a few times... Your daddy still hasn't heard it

~You LOVE the iphone and ipad... we are in trouble!
~You are playing more now, you have a few toys.
~We bought you an exersaucer the other day and you play in that for a long time!
~You love to be read and sang too.... Mommy loves that!

We think you are pretty much the sweetest thing on earth! You are getting more fun by the minute! I wish I could freeze the time so I can soak up all of you. We couldn't ask for a happier baby! 
We love you to the moon and back!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Girl's Vacation

I have been waiting to take Amelia to see my grandparents since she was born! We finally got the chance to go! My grandparents live right outside of Orlando, FL. The last time I was at their house was 6 years ago! I have of course seen them since then. So it was nice to go to them. My grandma isn't well. So she is in no position to come to us.

As most of you know our little Amelia is named after my grandma, Jayne. So it meant SO much for me to show little A off to her! I am pretty sure Amelia's great-grandparents are pretty smitten! They couldn't keep their eyes off of her.

My neighbor and my AR mom, Marcia, made the trip with us. Marcia had to go to the Mayo Clinic for a doctors appointment so it worked out just perfect! My grandparents are only about 2 hours from Mayo so I just took Marcia up to her appointment.Since my mom and dad are now in GA my mom flew down to FL to be with us too! My mom got the chance to babysit little A while Marcia and I were at her appointment! I was thankful I didn't have to take Amelia to Mayo.  My dad joined us over the weekend. It was so nice to spend the time not only with my grandparents but my parents as well!

Us girls had lots of fun throughout the week! Mom, Marcia, Baby A and I went shopping one day at the outlets. The weather was perfect! We couldn't have asked for a nicer week! Sunny and warm all week long!
Baby Girl just chilled in her sun bonnets and sunnys the whole week!

We ate out a bunch and just enjoed spending time with family. We did take Amelia to the beach Saturday afternoon. She didn't really know what to think about the water. It was a bit chilly and the waves scared her a little. But I couldn't pass up the chance to get her little toes in the ocean!!

Amelia makes our family's first 4th generation! It is funny that between the 4 of us we are all A's and J's. Jayne, Janice, Amanda, and Amelia. We had to snap a few 4 generation photos!

I am so happy that I had the chance to take Amelia to see her great grandparents.My grandma is not well due to her diabetes and many strokes. My grandpa told us this morning that grandma most likely suffered another stroke early this morning. The last stroke she had did a toll on her speech and he thinks this one did the same. We will find out more information tomorrow. Her doctors are doing many tests while she is in the hospital . Please keep my sweet Grandma in your thoughts and prayers. We are all hoping for the best.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beach babe

Amelia and I have been out of town all week. We will be headed back home to see daddy tomorrow! We can't wait to get home! But here is a sneak peek of what we did while we were gone!

Blahahaha.... I know it is to cute!
I will post where we were and who all we saw on this girls trip!

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Friday, May 13, 2011

A Year Ago Today

Today marks the year anniversary of  finding out I was pregnant with little A!!! One of the happiest days of my life thus far. I LOVED seeing the read out "pregnant" on that stick! If you have followed my blog before Amelia... You know I may have called all pee sticks "broken"! :)
If you want to read about that day I posted it here!! I was just about 10 weeks out from a miscarriage and had NO idea that I was pregnant. When I was pregnant with the miscarriage I took about 6 tests. When I took the test with Amelia I just took one. Something ( I am sure it was God) told me one was enough. I also called and went to my doctors right away for blood work to confirm everything.
It seemed like I would never get the chance to be a mommy. And now I am a Mom to the sweetest little baby girl! I CAN NOT believe Amelia will be 4 months old on Tuesday! GOSH.... I want to freeze time.

Just for fun and because I may or may not miss my pregnant belly here are some pictures to look back on!

I wont lie... I miss Amelia's little kicks and punches while I was pregnant with her but I love having her in the world so much more! I LOVE being able to see her, hold and kiss on her! My favorite is when she gives us that huge grin of hers and giggles a bit!  Oh, and she has started to grab your face when you lean in for a kiss..... so sweet! :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Talking Girl

I took these videos awhile ago but haven't shared them yet. Since I didnt have anything else to blog about I thought it was about time to post the videos!

Yes, I know this is turned weird.Yes, it is hard to see it... but I just grabbed my phone. She only lasts so long with me videoing her!

I have been busy working on some gifts for my cousins baby boy who is due is about 2 weeks now. Also I have made two tote bags.... I will post later about! They are super cute!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

First Mother's Day

This time last year I NEVER thought I would be a mom. I had just lost a pregnancy after trying for what seemed forever to even get pregnant.  I was heartbroken and a bit depressed. I just knew I would never be a mom. But to much of my surprise I was going to be celebrating Mother's Day... in fact I was pregnant with Amelia last year on Mother's Day and didn't know it yet! So when this day came around I felt so blessed to be celebrating Mother's Day with my little family!
Deric and Little A took me out to dinner last night to celebrate. I choose to go to Copeland's. I have never been and wanted to try it. It was so GOOD! The cheesecake was to die for! We didn't take our camera so I didn't get any photos while we were out to eat but Deric did snap a photo before we left!

On our way home Deric took me to Westwood Gardens to get my Mother's Day Gift. I choose a Gardenia Tree. They are so beautiful and smell so wonderful! We planted it a new teal pot I picked out! This morning I waked out on the deck before church and I could instantly smell it!
this was taken with my iPhone

Today after church Deric made homemade pizza.... my favorite! We have just been hanging out at home and enjoying our day together. Sundays is really the only day we get the whole day together as a family. Kinda sad if you think about it. So I enjoy every Sunday!

She was loving when I would hold her up in the air and bring her down and kiss on her. So when Daddy tried it we thought she would love it too......

Not so much.... but she did give us one last sweet smile while Daddy was holding her!

 Amelia has been a bit grumpy today but I think she has some allergies. She is pretty stuffed up and sneezing ALL THE TIME! Even with her not feeling 100% she still manges to get us that melt your heart smile! She even got really close to a full blown giggle today! And of course she sported her "I Love Mommy" wear all day!

I not only think of all the mothers out there celebrating with their families today, but all those women who long to have a child of their own or who has given a child to the Lord. I know how it feels to feel so empty on Mothers Day and I know many other women are feeling the same way. My prayer for those who are waiting or missing their child today may you find peace today. Just know that the great Lord our God has big plans for you and your families and you can NEVER loose faith!