Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Girl's Vacation

I have been waiting to take Amelia to see my grandparents since she was born! We finally got the chance to go! My grandparents live right outside of Orlando, FL. The last time I was at their house was 6 years ago! I have of course seen them since then. So it was nice to go to them. My grandma isn't well. So she is in no position to come to us.

As most of you know our little Amelia is named after my grandma, Jayne. So it meant SO much for me to show little A off to her! I am pretty sure Amelia's great-grandparents are pretty smitten! They couldn't keep their eyes off of her.

My neighbor and my AR mom, Marcia, made the trip with us. Marcia had to go to the Mayo Clinic for a doctors appointment so it worked out just perfect! My grandparents are only about 2 hours from Mayo so I just took Marcia up to her appointment.Since my mom and dad are now in GA my mom flew down to FL to be with us too! My mom got the chance to babysit little A while Marcia and I were at her appointment! I was thankful I didn't have to take Amelia to Mayo.  My dad joined us over the weekend. It was so nice to spend the time not only with my grandparents but my parents as well!

Us girls had lots of fun throughout the week! Mom, Marcia, Baby A and I went shopping one day at the outlets. The weather was perfect! We couldn't have asked for a nicer week! Sunny and warm all week long!
Baby Girl just chilled in her sun bonnets and sunnys the whole week!

We ate out a bunch and just enjoed spending time with family. We did take Amelia to the beach Saturday afternoon. She didn't really know what to think about the water. It was a bit chilly and the waves scared her a little. But I couldn't pass up the chance to get her little toes in the ocean!!

Amelia makes our family's first 4th generation! It is funny that between the 4 of us we are all A's and J's. Jayne, Janice, Amanda, and Amelia. We had to snap a few 4 generation photos!

I am so happy that I had the chance to take Amelia to see her great grandparents.My grandma is not well due to her diabetes and many strokes. My grandpa told us this morning that grandma most likely suffered another stroke early this morning. The last stroke she had did a toll on her speech and he thinks this one did the same. We will find out more information tomorrow. Her doctors are doing many tests while she is in the hospital . Please keep my sweet Grandma in your thoughts and prayers. We are all hoping for the best.

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