Friday, February 8, 2013

iPhone dump

I figured it was time to do a phone dump post. I am sure most of my readers have seen these photos already... Oh well :)

Girl has a few sweet valentines outfits. She is getting excited about v-day!
She practice doing her make-up the other day. Practice makes perfect right?
Last Friday night we had our MOPS craft night. Emily and I were in charge of it. It was a long fun night making family rule boards. I figured out my stroller was a huge help loading things to the car and back!
Here is my board before I finished it all the way. I had my board done a few weeks before craft night so I could help the ladies do theirs. It was so much fun seeing everyone boards!
This little lady loves playing in the sink! I was happy to let her! I was running out of ideas to keep her happy.
After bath family photo :)
This was yesterday at Hobby Lobby. She found that hat and wore it the whole time.. We bought it. She kept saying "ye-yah! Getty-up, Cowboy" throwing her hat up in the air. It was awesome. I was cracking up the whole time. She also sang "Mickey and Donald had a farm" for everyone around us.
Thursday after nap play-date. Moments before Sawyer hit her square in the head and she pushed him a few times. Don't let the photo fool you. These cuties love each other but fight like siblings.
Today we had a lunch date at CFA. Amelia finally climbed up the play thing. I had to go in after her... Then forced to stay. She had a blast as long as I was right there and if we didn't go down the slide. She usually LOVES to slide but only if it is an open slide.
Jenny, Saw-Dog, and Amelia like monkeys in a cage :)


We have a birthday party tomorrow for our friend, Lincoln. He loves super heroes... So I made him his very own cape and mask. We gave it to him today. His Momma reports he kept it on for a long time. Deric saw the super-hero getting the mail when he came home from work. I say Lincoln may like it.

I did make Amelia and Sawyer one also. I will get s picture of the three super-heroes together :)