Thursday, September 29, 2011

Girls week

Deric has been traveling this week for work so us girls are getting some great alone time!
Tuesday is my day off of work so after we dropped daddy off at the airport we came home and played,napped, and ate! After Amelia's late afternoon nap we headed to Hobby lobby.
I wanted get some stuff to spruce up our fall wreath. I was sick of it but didn't want to spend 100 plus dollars on one. Thanks to pinterest I have had some good ideas to go with.

Once Amelia went to bed I got a shirt done that I wanted to try out. Also from pinterest. I love that app! They had it as a dress for 2t. Since Amelia is now wear close to that size and dresses are gettin caught up under A's she crawls. So I made it shorter for a tunic length. I just loved how it turned out! She looks so big in this picture!!!

Amelia hasnt been sleeping well lately but she only woke up twice Tuesday and slept in a bit!! It was a nice change! Her poor teeth are bugging her. She is a droll box again and wants to chew on EVERYTHING! I had caught her chewing in her crib a few times!
Auntie Val came over last night to keep Amelia after Marcia left. Marcia leave across the street and is basically my AR mom. She keeps Amelia every Wednesday. Anyhow, we had a fun night! I colored Val's hair after Amelia was in bed and just hung out. Val ended up staying the nigh since it was passed 10 by the time I was done with her hair!
Today we are just hanging out and cleaning up the house. Daddy will be home tomorrow and we can't wait! I hate when he is gone! It shows me how hard it would be to be a single mom! I haven't gotten a moment for myself! Can't even go to the bathroom with out Amelia crawling after me!! But I love that she is a momma's girl! She melts my heart!

Friday, September 23, 2011


I have been a horrible blogger lately. My sister is very upset with me! I really need to be posting more because this is our  family scrapbook. So I promise I will try to post more often... K. I have been sewing every free minute I get which is why the blog has been neglected. But with my new fancy machine I can't help myself! I am addicted!
We really have not been up to anything! We have just been enjoying our little family. I am trying to soak every minute up with Amelia. She is growing WAY to fast. It makes me sad. Some days I look at her and she looks so big! I love the stage that she is in right now. She is a crawling fool and pulls herself up on everything. I think she would try to take off walking on her own but she hasn't been brave enough to let go. She giggles all the time which melts my heart, it brings tears to my eyes sometimes. It is so stinkin cute!
She has been "sharing" everything she hangs on too... It cracks us up. Her favorite is for us to take her paci and  pretend to suck on it, makes her squeal every time.  

It has been hard lately to get Amelia to be still long enough for me to take her picture too. Just a sneak peek of what is to come when she is actually walking/running from me! But, she sure can crawl fast!  I do have a few videos that I have been meaning to post. My phone is running out of space so I finally got them on "you tube" today.

We don't have anything planned for the weekend. I work every Saturday or I would say sleep in! Amelia has been getting up more than normal the last two nights. I have a feeling she will sleep all night tonight because it is Daddy's night!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

8 months old

Amelia, you are eight months old already! You have been personality plus lately! Such a sweet fun girl still! I can't even believe my eyes when I look at you. You are one beautiful baby girl. Your personality has been showing more and I am loving it! You laugh all the time and love to play with momma and dadda. You have started "sharing" everything... paci, food, bottle, toys. You even hold them up to the dogs!
Speaking of the dogs.. you and them still have a love/hate relationship. You LOVE to crawl after them and pull at them and they of course hate it! Divot is much better at letting you"play" with him. You even have gotten the hang of shaking his toy in front of his face.... pretty darn cute! You giggly every time!

Here is your 8 month old Stats

~weight about 16 pounds
~wears 6/9 months clothes and some 3/6 still
~size 2 diaper and I loosen your cloth diapers by one step
~drink 4-6 oz of milk (you are now formula fed)
~still love your homemade veggies and fruit

~sleeping better!!! bedtime 8:30pm  wake up about 7am
~we moved you to your big girl car seat a few weeks ago. You love it
~crawling EVERYWHERE, we can't let you out of our sight
~you have had a few bruises already from falls... you are a climber
~walking really fast when we help you balance
~love your walker...

~self fed really well
~ Chatter box... I love your little noises
~ love to be outside and watch the world
~Still love to be out and about!

~ still the most smiley girl.... you have your daddy dimples!
~mommy's girl lately
~ your our little explorer
~you motor skills are amazing for a 8 month old.... I think
~Can say Dada, Mama, baba
~ you can sign... milk, all done, and eat

You are the most amazing tiny gift from God! I still have a hard time believing you belong to us. I am overwhelmed with the amount of love I feel for you. Even on days that you are not so sweet and cranky you can flash one smile and the world stops. It is crazy how much your  sweet face can make my day! We love you so much princess!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Feeling like Fall

I can't believe that here in NWA it was 95 degrees on Tuesday and yesterday and toady in the 60's! It is WONDERFUL! I can not wait for Fall to be in full swing! I love the cooler weather! I am itching to get out my boots, jeans, scarfs and sweaters! I kinda need some new fall/winter stuff. Last year I was buying all maternity items so my closet lacking! Well, if you ask my husband he would say that was a lie. But in my defense I haven't bought much fall/winter stuff in almost 2 years.  I do have some gift cards burning a hole through my wallet that I plan on using tonight!

Now, I find myself buying EVERYTHING for Amelia. It is hard not to. I have also been making Amelia most of her clothes! :) We have many trips to Hobby Lobby these days. I have to many ideas a few ideas for her Fall fashion, so I need to get going on that. I also know what she is going to be for her first Halloween!!

yes, I made this adorable outfit

In random news... I have poison ivy. I noticed "bug bites" Saturday night and thought I got them from our Sunday School's fish fry. We were outdoors all evening Saturday. Well, they kept getting bigger and more itchy. Yesterday, while I was at work I kept asking everyone what it was! LOL I finally got some doctors and nurses on the phone. I have wonderful clients who know people! :) My last client of the day her FIL is a doctor and took a peek at the Iphone pic we sent him. He knew right away it was poison ivy and called in meds for me!  I am so thankful I don't have to drag Amelia to the doctors today. I just pray she doesn't get it. I figure she would have gotten it by now if she was to get it.... right? So, now I am on a two week cycle of steroids.The side of my neck looks the worse.... hinch why I want scarf season to stay.

More random news, I entered Amelia in the "Cutest Baby Contest" with KLG and Hoda on the Today Show. I am a Today Show junkie..... I HAVE to watch it everyday! I jumped at the chance to enter Amelia. I mean she really is so darn cute! I entered the "bath time" picture and these one from the other day!

I also installed Amelia's big girl carseat the other day. It is crazy that it is already that time. She does still fit in the infant seat but her legs were about to start hanging out of it. I knew it was time. The new seat fits 5- 100lbs. So it will last us for a long time! She loves it. She just looks out the windows  and stares at herself in the mirror. I am sure she will be so much happier when we can turn her outward! That day will be here sooner than I know. She will be 8 months old in 2 days.... tear.  Here is Amelia playing in the carseat box.... so stinkin cute!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Recap

Thursday I got to meet up  my dear friend, Mary, and her new twin boys!! If you have been following my blog for a while, Mary is my friend who has a sweet baby girl in heaven. She was 37 weeks pregnant when they found out they had lost baby Ava. Thursday was a tough day for Mary and her family. It was a year to the date they found out about Ava. But the mood was lighten by these two sweet angels. Those boys are the sweetest things!!

Amelia wasn't too happy that I was holding not one but two other babies! She was sleeping for like 10 minutes so I did get to sneak in one picture of me with the boys! (  I made their tiny outfits!)

We were so happy that our wonderful friends Candace and David were coming for Labor day! They lived here in NWA for a bit but got a chance to move back to their home town in TN. We miss them dearly! It was over a year since the last time we saw them.

We mostly relaxed and ate out the whole time! OH and of course snuggled with our baby girl. Amelia loved Candace! She was just so happy when Candace was playing and holding her.
The dogs got a lot of extra attention that weekend too. Dave and Candace are dog lovers and our pups were in heaven!
Candace, Amelia  and I did go out shopping one day after we all went to for lunch at Fish City Grill. It was so nice to get out a shop! I haven't been shopping for myself in FOREVER! I did end up buying a few adorable things for Amelia. I just can't  help myself!

Sunday we did get to watch our boys in blue on tv....  I am pumped about football season this year. It may be because I get to dress this sweetie up in her Colts gear!
The weather has been AMAZING here. The mornings have been a bit chilly in fact! We are LOVING it! Monday the three of us enjoyed the day together as a family. Deric grilled burgers for lunch and had a relaxing day at home. It was perfect.

Yesterday was beautiful so I got our sweet girl outside and played in the grass!