Thursday, November 17, 2011

10 Months and walking!

How can this be??? 10 MONTHS!!! Even bigger news is that you took your first steps on your 10 month bday!! I am so PROUD of you!! I was so happy that I got to see you take your first two steps!!  I took this mallet away from you and you stepped right over to me and yanked it out of my hands!! HA

But really.. I am not ready to start thinking about her birthday coming up in 8 weeks!! I havent nailed down on a "theme" for her first birthday... I may not even do a "theme". I am lost... I am usually one to know what I want to do MONTHS ahead of time. But I guess because I am not even ready for her to be one I don't want to think about it! Amelia, you are such a joy and a precious baby! You amaze your daddy and I every single day!

Here are your 10 month old stats baby girl!!

 ~ You wear mostly 9 month clothes some 12 months but they are too big
 ~medium setting on your cloth diapers/ size 3 in pampers
 ~size 2 shoe ~weigh about 17 lbs 26 inches tall 
~you now will drink 6 oz of milk every 4 hours

 ~you havent refused any food we have given you ye! You are an AWESOME eater
 ~you have two bottom teeth but working on what looks like 3 more
 ~ you take at least two naps a day and now sleeping MUCH better at night
 ~we have had almost a week of all night sleep.. YAY

~ happy girl most of the time ~smiles, giggles, and talks all day
 ~ can now stand up for a long time on your own
 ~you are now walking!!! I can't believe it! 
~you can follow comands ie: give that to momma or no not in your mouth 
~you cry when we tell you no, and you have mastered the fake cough

 ~playing really well on your own. You LOVE to look at books.. makes me so happy!
 ~ saying "Mama, Dada, Div,and Hi 
~signs milk, more, eat, all done
 ~starting to show you attuide more. I think we are going to have a drama queen our hands!!

 I say this every month but it holds true. Amelia you are the light of our lives! The greatest gift in the world! Our house never has a dull moment now that you are here!


Monday, November 14, 2011

NASCAR driver?

Amelia has found a new love for riding in the buggies at stores. Thanks to her wonderful daddy who let her ride this way a week or so ago. She loves it... And even though it scares me, it is so hard not to smile and laugh while she squeals thru the store!
I may need to come up with a standing harness of sorts.. :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Trip Part 2

So I am a month few weeks behind on this post... sorry friends! We headed back to Indiana a few weeks ago to visit the family. I already posted about visiting with my sister. We stayed at her house till Friday and then headed to my inlaws for the rest of the visit.

Amelia had so much fun out on the Bidwell's farm! She loved spending time with her cousins, auntie, uncles and of course grandma and grandpa! It is so nice to go back to our home town and see everyone! It is even more fun now that we have Amelia.... I like showing her off! If your a parent you totally get it!

We greeted her cousins when they came home from school. Nikohl and Nate just adore Amelia and she just loves her cousins!

Saturday morning Amelia and I  got to go wedding dress shopping with my best friend since 6th grade... yes 6th grade!!!I was super excited that I got the chance to go!! Sabrina is getting married in April and she didn't have her dress or bridesmaids dresses picked yet! Well we fixed that! It was a day to just look for bridesmaid dresses but I just had to see Sabrina in a gown. Much to my surprised we both kept staring at this dress another bride was trying on. So we pulled it and it on her and OH MY GOODNESS...... beautiful! She bought it that day!  I kept telling her sister that Sabrina just needed me to make a decision! See, Sabrina had been dress shopping for awhile and nothing really sparked her fancy! I am giddy about the dress and a little jealous that I am not wearing it! HA ( I know... I had my chance but really the dress.... omg)
Too bad I am not showing you the dress uh..... sorry ya'll will have to wait! And Yes, Amelia is her flower girl and she just going to be just darling! Can you believe she will be 15 months old then?!

That night we met up with Deric, his sister, and the kids. We have this fair that comes every October in a neighboring town. It takes up all of the main downtown area. It was so much fun as a kid but now a days.... kinda scary. I would never let my child out of sight! Anyhow, we had a good time with the kiddos and I may or may not have rode on the  "Tilt-a-World" 4 times. I mean the kids made me... :)

Sunday after church we met up with Deric's best friend, Justin. Justin and his wife, Stephanie, have a little boy who is 6  months to the date older than Amelia. Ethan and Amelia will be married one day.... I just know it! They love eachother
! We enjoyed lunch at Justin's parents house and then a long boat ride. Yes, a boat right the first of October in Indiana!! It was almost 80 out the whole week!!!

 The fall leafs were so beautiful on this trip... I miss Autumn in the north. Amelia was sleeping within the first 10 minutes of the boat ride. She really loved it!

 Here is Justin and the babes after lil A woke up of course! Those two had so much fun together!

 After our boat ride we (the momma's) wanted to get the babies in the leafs. The neighbor kids had already raked up a huge pile (volunteering)  so it worked out perfect! We may have watched those kids from the window and when they go finished we ran out there really quick.... :)
E~man didn't like the leafs so much

Amelia loved them... and loved eating them
 After the leaf photo shoot became a bust we moved on to the bench and swings.... the babies liked that a lot  more!

The rest of the week was very low key. It was so nice to not really have any plans just relax and enjoy the family! Deric and I took Amelia out into the fields one day to get some pictures.  Deric loved playing with the camera and got a TON of landscape photos which are really good. But because we all know y'all just want to see the babe I will just show you a few! 

 We did get to meet up with our friend Ashley and her two sweet girls! Deric and Ashley went to high school together but her and I have become friends!  We met up for lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant!!
Ashley just had her second girl a few weeks prior to our visit. So it was so nice to see her! Plus, I made the girls matching outfits for a gift!!

stole from Ashley's blog! thx!
 The last part of the week we spent lots of quality time with our family! Amelia got spoiled to pieces and had so much fun!!!

 It was a great week and we can't wait to see everyone again soon!