Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weeks 7-14 baby #2

Lets just say this pregnancy started a little rough and scary. I was sick before I even was for sure I was pregnant and it hasn't really slowed down any. It is all worth it though and the Zofran is very helpful. :)
Beside being sick all day I had some scary spotting between 8.5 wk-10wk. I was terrified. I had some earlier on too. I ended up calling the "on call center" the weekend of Easter to make sure I didn't need go to the ER. The nurse told me to stay completely of my feet for the weekend . It just so happened Deric's family were on their way for the week so we had lots of help with Amelia and keeping the old house clean (we are
Trying to sell it)!
My doctor saw me first thing Monday morning and she thought I was popping blood vessels. I was on a mild bed rest for a few weeks. I did go to work and sat on a stools most of the day while I did hair! But I was off of work for a week and a half . It worked out pretty good. Thankfully once I hit 11-12 week the bleeding had stopped and I felt pretty normal besides the pukey days.
Here are some ultrasound photos and bump photos I have so far. I am going to start my normal weekly photos this week. I have to add this funny story. When we had our first ultrasound at 6.5 weeks Amelia shouted "my baby sister in the HOLE!!" Deric and I about died with laughter! She still insists she is having a baby sister! We may know this week!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Big news :)

We have some major news at the Bidwell house! We are expecting our second sweet baby this fall!! Amelia is beyond thrilled about her new role as big sister! We are thankful for another sweet babe. This time around has been rough for this momma but I am doing much better these days. I am 14.5 weeks along and totally have been slacking on updates. I will get to that this week!
Besides the new baby we MOVED!! We stayed in the same area. We just double the size if our house... I mean two kids... We needed a bigger space! We LOVE LoVE our new home! It is beautiful!! We moved in April 27th and working on putti g it away. I will show you a few sneak peeks but if you follow me in Instagram you have seen them! :)
I need to promise myself to do baby bump updates. I don't want baby two not
To have any to read back on! I love watching my belly grow (which it is growing fast these days)!