Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sun cutie

After a whole week of rain and storms
we finally got some wonderful weather by the weekend!! We really didn't do much this past week because if the yucky storms but we did go Gymboree class and went and played with Lincoln (our buddy across the street).
This weekend was great! Deric and I ha a fun date night Saturday. My best friend came over to keep Amelia. Val just adores Amelia and that always makes leaving her for a few hours easier! Deric and I went to see "21 Jump Street" first then went to dinner at "Bonefish" and ended our night at Starbucks for a nice decaf latte! Perfect date!
Today (Sunday) we went to church. We went back to Fellowship today... It just felt right. We haven't been to happy at FBC. We loved our Sunday school class but not so much the worship . So it was time to change. Anyhow, after church we came home and I put ribs in the crockpot while Deric went to hit
Golf balls. Amelia took a 2 hour nap while I sewed. We went for a walk, ate those yummy yummy ribs. Then finished the night with a family walk! I got Amelia in the bath, read a few books and out she went! Busy girl today!
I really am planning to do a post on what all Amelia is doing now... She is crazy smart (of course)! We just can't get enough of our princess!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Petting Zoo

We had such a fun filled day today! This morning we had a new friend over for a play date! Jolie is just 4 months older than Amelia. The girls seemed to play well together. Amelia wasn't so sure at first what to think of another kid playing with her stuff! Thankfully she was always really sweet to our new friend and they ended up having a blast! We have already planned for more fun dates!
After lunch we packed up and headed over to our safari/petting zoo in a neighboring town. My "AR mom" joined us as well as her daughter as grand-daughter who are here from
FL. Amelia LOVED the zoo! She went crazy!! And we couldn't have picked a better day to go! I was 83 out and just beautiful!!!
We let the babies sleep in the car on the way over but they woke up right when we pulled it. Amelia knew it was fun time!! We went straight for the baby animals that were out! I wish I would have videoed her. All she did was say "awwww baby"! Cutest thing ever! I didn't let her hold any of them but she was happy just to pet and look!

We did the drive through part last. We enjoyed a snack and the air conditioning! We let Amelia sit up front so she could see the animals better. Of course she thought that was pretty neat!

We will be taking her back I am sure!
We will have to take Daddy next time!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring is in the Air

I seriously can not believe our mild winter! We have been so lucky to missed any bad winter storms!
Today couldn't have been a more perfect day! It was almost 80 degrees out. I was so happy it was one of my normal days off!
We have had nice weather this whole week so we have been spending as much time outside as we can. :) here is a few iPhone pics to keep y'all updated!
* the only outfit I didn't make was the butterfly tunic. My sweet MIL bought that for Amelia. I have been in a sewing mood again... :)