Monday, December 31, 2012


I am a bit late on posting of our Christmas! Better late then never I guess. We headed to Alabama to be with my family. I have only been to my parent new home once this past summer . It was Deric's, my sister and BIL first time. It was so nice to be able to have all of us there. Our dogs were the only thing missing. I really missed them... No joke.
We spent most of the week just hanging out with family .
We baked cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. Amelia love every second of that! She is really getting into baking and decorating. She was so sweet the whole week and super excited about Christmas. I didn't know how she would be this year being just shy of 2. She did keep saying it was "her birthday" we had to remind her it was Jesus's day . :) I think she finally started to understand it as much as she can.
On Christmas Eve we took Amelia to the mall to ride the cutest little train they had. It just went in a circle but Amelia loved it. We even got her to sit on Santa's lap ! The first time back home she hated it!
Christmas morning was a blast for me. I just loved watching Amelia get so excited about her gifts! She did get overwhelmed and just wanted the toy she opened out of the box. It took is a while to get through presents! :)
My sister and Blake had to rush out because they were getting blizzard like weather back in Indiana where they live. Mom was a rock star and we are lunch by 11:30am!! They were on the road fast and did not run into any bad weather. They did get really bad weather the next day. So happy they made it home safely.
The rest of the day was spent playing with Amelia and her new toys. My parents neighbors invited us over that night, it was a fun time. We had a great relaxing day.
The next day we took Amelia to the children's imagination center. It is connected to the museum. They had a snow exhibit with fake snow and snow ball pit. You could even "sled" if you wanted. Amelia didn't know what to think about the pit but I think she enjoyed the fake snow!
We had a wonderful time the whole week.
The only thing that awful about the trip was the traffic/ construction. We added 2.5 hours to our drive back home. Thankfully Amelia is an awesome kid and she didn't throw any fits! She sat so go in her seat both ways!
Here is a picture overload! Enjoy!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Down on the Farm

We traveled back to our home town for thanksgiving /Christmas! We took 2 days to drive the 12 hours back home. Amelia did amazingly well! We did drive about 8 hours Saturday and she was a champ the whole day!!

Amelia is loving her time with cousins, grandparents,aunts and uncles. The cows, buses and farm add to her excitement! She took her first school bus "ride" today. Those photos will come later!

Needless to say she is in heaven! Here are a few photos I have taken just in the two days days we have been here.

Amelia and Eman getting friendly
Nikohl and Nate being silly with Amelia
Making pancakes with grandma

Visiting the cows

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Here is our sweet little rainbow! Yes,I made her costume! I loved the way it turned out! She loved it and kept it on the whole time. I was glad she was wrapped in fleece because it did get kinda chilly that night!

We had a great Halloween this year! Amelia was "into" it more than I thought she would be. We had a full day of fun. After naps my friend , Jenny, and I took the kiddos to see the dads at work. Both Deric and Matt together so it worked perfect that we got to go together.


They had a lot for kids there this year, which made it fun. Amelia wasn't saying "trick or treat" but didn't have any problems with taking candy! She did keep saying "OHHH, look at that" every time she would get candy! It was so funny! We made our rounds and she got a ton of candy!


Jenny and Matt hosted dinner and the Calhoun's joined us also. Have I mentioned about how much I adore our neighbors?? We have the best! We had a great chili dinner with all the fixing then we all went to "trunk or treat". It really wasn't that cold so it was nice to not be freezing like last year! Amelia wasn't into trunk or treating. She really couldn't play most of the games and didn't like to wait! She had fun just walking around and looking at some dogs that were dresses up!

Somehow, we didn't get a photo of the three of us :( But at least I got some photos!

The church had everything from free food to jump houses but Amelia just wanted to look at the dogs! We stayed about an hour and went back to have dessert and let the kids play. Here is a photo before we go to trick or treating minus Emmy. She was bundle up in her stroller.

I can't wait to see these kids grow up and trick or treat together for many years!!!



Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We took Amelia to the pumpkin patch the day we flew home from FL. That Saturday we had already planned on it so after nap we went. Our neighbors/friends met us there. Their family owns the patch we went it. There wasn't a fancy cow train or pony rides but Amelia could have cared less!! She loved it! She found this swing in the store and would have sat there all day if we would have let her! They had a big dog walking around and she loved him too! She is crazy for doggies and kittens!
We got some really cute photos of the kiddos! I just adore these two cuties!! Amelia and Sawyer will be the best of friends or marry each other one day. !

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tough Week

We have had some major upsets in our house/ family this week. Not only did we all get the flu virus but we had a horrible attempt to potty training. Amelia hated it. Hated it may be a an under statement. :)
My sister suffered a loss of her own. One that I have felt before... A miscarriage. My heart breaks for her and Blake. I was and am so excited to be an auntie, this just broke my heart..

Our world continued to get worse. Our sweet Grandma went home to be with Jesus, yesterday. :( Grandma Jayne was very ill and has been for a long time. I have very few memories of her being healthy. She has suffered many strokes on top of being a sever diabetic. She slipped into a coma on Thursday and woke up Friday. The doctors thought she was doing better and were going to send her back to the rehab center. My parents were driving down to FL on friday hoping to get there to see her. However, she took a turn for the worse. Mu grandpa was called back to the hospital shortly after he left. She went back into a coma and went to be with The Lord.
My heart is at peace. I know she is in a much better place. She couldn't talk, walk, or sing(which was a passion). I know she is up in heaven rocking some great-babies that we will meet one day. :)
I am just sad I didn't make it back to see her before she got so bad. Amelia and I are flying out to be with my mom who is with my grandpa next week.
My grandpa needs our prayers. He has suffered a huge loss. He isn't a man of emotion so it is hard to read him. My mom said he is pretty shaking up. It is going to be really hard next week to see him so sad. I am hoping Amelia can bring him some much needed happiness.
I am thankful for the time I got to spend with Grandma a year ago when she was healthier and got to love on Amelia. I know in my heart Grandma
will be looking down at her everyday. :)
I love you, Grandma, you will be terribly missed.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Little Break

We are still here! My poor blog has yet again been put on the back burner. Between playing with Amelia, keeping the house somewhat clean, and sewing I haven't found much time to sit and blog. I normally use nap time to sew that is "my time" and do housework each day to keep it up. Amelia is getting pretty good at helping around the house. It is crazy how big she is getting!!
Speaking of which we are coming upon her 21 month birthday and we are going to tackle 3 day potty training this next week!! Eeekkkk!!! I am pretty positive she is ready and will succeed. She tells us right after she goes potty almost every time. My goal is to have her completely trained by Thanksgiving. :) She is a genius so I know she will rock it out! ;) I will update the blog next week when we start.
I have been asked so many times i if I would sell clothing. I usually just make adorable outfits for Amelia but I have decided to take a jab at it. I am offering 3 dresses/ruffle pants for Christmas. All dresses are $35 and pants are $ 15 . Each outfit is down right adorable. If you are interest and have a girl in size newborn- 6 let me know if want order.
Amelia is pretty much the cutest model ever! :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Meet Melissa, 27, NW Indiana/Chicago Area

Hi there! I’m Amanda’s sister, Jen! And I’m hijacking her blog for the day to tell you about my amazing friend and college roommate, Melissa, as a part of  Kelly’sShow Us Your Singles.”

Melissa truly is a catch looking her lobster! (I hope you got that “Friends” reference, because, well, I’m pretty sure Melissa can quote every episode!  If you like “Friends”  it will definitely earn you some extra credit points…oh, and Justin Timberlake….she likes him too  J!)   She is the kindest and most sincere person I know.  She is very insightful and intelligent. She loves deeply – her relationship with God is of the most important, she is very close with her family and friends, and she is just about the most fantastic friend you could ever wish for! She goes out of her way to make those around her feel comfortable, welcome, appreciated, and love.  Her greatest joy is to make your load easier to carry. She truly has a servant’s heart. Believe me; I wouldn’t have been so successful in college without her thoughtfulness, kindness, silliness and humor!

Melissa and her baby brother Raymond
We attended a Christian college in Indiana where she studied Psychology and then she earned a Master’s in Counseling Psychology at another Indiana Christian college. She is currently a middle school counselor. She has been involved in leading her church youth practically since the day she was “too old” to be in youth group! She loves to have fun with the kids and gets right in the middle of their crazy antics.
Melissa is in the back right, wearing a red bandanna
 Melissa is a girl who prefers ice cream over flowers, quality time over elaborate displays, and sweatshirts over party dresses and high heels (but she looks darn cute in a dress too!). She is a simple, fun loving girl who loves to laugh, likes Italian food (she is half Italian), chocolate, watching TV and movies, hanging out with her friends and family, and being present in each and every day of her life. I know she will be a fantastic wife and mother!

When I asked her what she wanted in a guy, this is what she replied:
“So what do I want in a guy......he has to love Jesus, that's most important. I want a spiritual leader that I can rely on. I want him to be funny and caring and good with money. Someone who understands taxes and money management and all that stuff that I hate. It'd be great if he played an instrument, maybe the guitar or piano. You know I like that. :) Also it'd be awesome if he loved movies and did not ride a motorcycle.” 

Please leave a comment with your email or blog link if you would like to get know my dear, sweet, Melissa more!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Over the weekend we have a our wonderful friends come to visit! We saw them last year on this same weekend! Candace and David lived here in NWA for a few years then got a chance to move back to their home town in TN. So off they went :( . Even though I know how much they LOVe being back home and close to their families, I miss them terribly. Candace and I became such great friends in a short period of time.
I am ALWAYS thankful when they make the long drive back to see their old co-workers/friends and us! They stay at our house and I just love having them!
We had a fun, relaxing weekend filled with shopping and eating!! We managed to fight the crowds at "Cabela's". We walked around for a bit but found a spot at the fish tank. We figured they had one but we kept telling Amelia we were going to see
fish. She kept yelling "I see fishy now!"
Every where we went over the weekend Amelia was silly. She was always well-behaved but just loud at some points. I think she was showing off for our guests! Thankfully, she is good 90% of the time!
Candace and I enjoyed shopping a few places at the mall while the guys entertained Amelia for us! It was so nice to send time together!! After shopping we ate there at the mall. Amelia was sleeping for part of dinner in her stroller, but woke when the food came! :)
Sunday morning I made breakfast thn Candace and I went to a store called "true treasures" it is one of my
Favs! We also made a stop at Target before going back home. At dinner on Sunday she was banging the table saying "I eat pig... I eat pig!". Since she doesn't eat much of anything she was lying. The kid won't eat like she needs too. The restaurant had paintings of pigs hung everywhere and she LOVED it. She enjoyed waving and saying hello To the staff as they walked by. "Personality Plus" is what I call her!
After dinner that night we took them to see Crystal Bridges. Since it was after 6 on Sunday we couldn't go in but we walked the trails and went to the lookout point. While we were on the trail and we saw whole family of deer! They weren't even scared of us and our loud toddler! I couldn't believe it.
Overall we had a wonderful time and I am already looking forward to the next time we get to see Candace and David. I am hoping we can get out to see them and their "neck of the woods".