Monday, December 31, 2012


I am a bit late on posting of our Christmas! Better late then never I guess. We headed to Alabama to be with my family. I have only been to my parent new home once this past summer . It was Deric's, my sister and BIL first time. It was so nice to be able to have all of us there. Our dogs were the only thing missing. I really missed them... No joke.
We spent most of the week just hanging out with family .
We baked cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. Amelia love every second of that! She is really getting into baking and decorating. She was so sweet the whole week and super excited about Christmas. I didn't know how she would be this year being just shy of 2. She did keep saying it was "her birthday" we had to remind her it was Jesus's day . :) I think she finally started to understand it as much as she can.
On Christmas Eve we took Amelia to the mall to ride the cutest little train they had. It just went in a circle but Amelia loved it. We even got her to sit on Santa's lap ! The first time back home she hated it!
Christmas morning was a blast for me. I just loved watching Amelia get so excited about her gifts! She did get overwhelmed and just wanted the toy she opened out of the box. It took is a while to get through presents! :)
My sister and Blake had to rush out because they were getting blizzard like weather back in Indiana where they live. Mom was a rock star and we are lunch by 11:30am!! They were on the road fast and did not run into any bad weather. They did get really bad weather the next day. So happy they made it home safely.
The rest of the day was spent playing with Amelia and her new toys. My parents neighbors invited us over that night, it was a fun time. We had a great relaxing day.
The next day we took Amelia to the children's imagination center. It is connected to the museum. They had a snow exhibit with fake snow and snow ball pit. You could even "sled" if you wanted. Amelia didn't know what to think about the pit but I think she enjoyed the fake snow!
We had a wonderful time the whole week.
The only thing that awful about the trip was the traffic/ construction. We added 2.5 hours to our drive back home. Thankfully Amelia is an awesome kid and she didn't throw any fits! She sat so go in her seat both ways!
Here is a picture overload! Enjoy!!

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