Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday!!


Amelia, I can't hardly believe you are now TWO years old! My heart couldn't be prouder to be your Mommy. Everyday is an new exciting adventure with you. We have our hard times,grumpy times, testing times, but mostly joyful times! You are the light of your daddy and I's life.

I had a big day planned for your birthday! You woke up to balloons all over the living room! You kept saying
"it's my party"
Then we went to out for doughnuts! You picked a chocolate frosting with sprinkles :) You really enjoyed it!
Next, we went to the library And You requested it! We had. Wonderful time at story-time and craft. We were doing craft and newspaper was there taking photos. The guy picked you to be on the paper! So fun to see your little face in the paper the next day!! Proud mommy moment!!
Next up was lunch with daddy! You picked McDonald's! Which is ok with me because you will actually eat the chicken nuggets there! You loved seeing Daddy for lunch date!!

We came home for a nice long nap because your Auntie Jen and Grandma Linda were arriving for your birthday!! Once everyone got here we went out to dinner!



After dinner we came home for cake and presents! Overall, I think you had a great birthday!!










At two years old here are you r stats

- weight about 26lbs


- wearing size 24momth

-size 4diaper

-sleeping mostly through the night.. You have had a rough patch

- talking up a storm! You are such a good talker! ( I need to do a post about what she says)

-know most of your shapes and all your colors

-starting to recognize letters/numbers

-you still love the bath you would stay in the tub for hours

-love playing with blocks,puzzles,play-doh,kitchen

- we are learning the art of sharing ;)

-love to read and to be read to

-coloring is one of favorites too

-loves going to the library and Gymboree

- you are not a good eater... You need to get better at that.

-your pretty independent and love "doing it all by myself!" I can't even count how many times I hear this a day!


Amelia, even though you are Miss Indenpendant you still are so sweet when you ask for help. You are so sweet and polite. You always say " please and thank-you". When someone sneezing you always say "bless-you", even if you are in another room you will shout it! Such a sweetie!

You are so lovely and snugly. You still like to be rocked and I just love those moments! I don't want them to end!

Baby - girl, you are just down right funny! You leave your daddy and I in stiches! Some of the things that come out of your mouth are so funny! I have no clue where you come up with this stuff. But I love it! You just keep getting better and better! I knew you would bring us joy but I never knew the amount of pride I would feel until I met you two years ago. Or life's are forever changed for the better and it is all because we as your parents. We love you baby girl!


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