Monday, May 21, 2012

" The Zoo de Zoos "

We had no plans for the weekend. I normally work every Saturday but this past one my whole day feel apart. First a no show and then my next clients left me a message over two weeks ago that I never got saying they needed to reschedule due to graduation. UGH... what a day! We went out to lunch and came back home for Amelia to nap. After nap we went back to my salon so I could cut Deric's hair and then stopped for Ice Cream.

Amelia was so excited for ice cream she kept saying "Ice keam, DADDY" and "Go, GO, daddy". It was so funny. I did take a video of her in the car.  She is just getting over "hand, foot, and mouth disease". Poor girl, hence the red rash around her mouth. I felt so bad for her. I know I say it in the video but rest assure, Amelia's face is not sun burned. I have no idea why it looks so red. Her chin yes, is very red from the HFMD but not her cheeks.

Sunday, we figured we would keep Amelia from nursery at Church since she isn't in the clear yet. But we wanted to something fun. Last weekend she was just getting HFMD and had a fever and we  had no clue but glad we stayed in on Mother's Day.

We got up and checked the weather in Tulsa. We have a "zoo" here  close but not a real zoo. We figured she would love it and we were right! She was SO happy all day and was such a good traveler.

It takes a good 1 hour and 45 mins to get there. Amelia slept pretty much the whole way over and back. The weather said it could rain so our backup plan was the aquarium. We will have to go back soon because Amelia got excited to see the fish in tanks at the zoo. I think she liked being able to be pressed right up against the glass. She kept reaching for all the animals... including the bear... nice.

About 1/2 way through the Zoo we stopped for lunch. While waiting in line Amelia reached for the camera. Deric had it around his neck. She instantly started "chessin" it up once Deric started snapping pictures.... what a ham. She will sometimes "ask" for her photo to be taken via iPhone but I have never seen her do that with our nice camera! 

After lunch we walked around more and Amelia seemed to enjoy the second half of the visit more. Even when we waited for over 20 minutes for the sea lion show. We of course we had to go through the gift shop. Amelia found a little suitcase that looked like a giraffe. She started wheeling it around and was in heaven. She didn't need another push around toy in the house and I knew we were going to have to buy it. But I just told her to put it back where it belonged and we then we were going bye-bye. Sure enough she pushed it right back in the correct spot and grabbed my hand to walk out. I  was so proud that not only did she NOT throw a fit but she remembered where she got it from and matched it when there were other suitcase with other animals on it.  

 Overall she was GREAT all day and I can't wait to go back  again. I know she will be enjoying many trips to the zoo. I really REALLY want to go to St. Louis for a long family fun weekend!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

16 Months

It is true Amelia is 16 months old today!! I can't believe it! It seems just like yesterday we were celebrating her birth! Our girl is getting big , so stinking smart and cute as ever! Amelia is still really sweet pretty much 85% of the day which is a huge blessing. I hope and pray it stay this way!

Since I haven't done a monthly update in FOREVER I figured it was time to journal what Amelia is up to these days! Our girl is still tiny. She is still in the 10th percentile (she went to the drs yesterday).

wearing 12 months clothes still.. 18 months stuff is a bit baggy
~size 4 shoe
~weighs 20 lbs even
~wears size 4 diaper... biggest setting on cloth
~ potty's in the big girl potty at least twice a day :)
~ has 13 teeth
~ not a picky eater when we get her to eat... darn teething
~ she is running now... fun times

~ plays with her baby doll and stroller the most
~ loves to go to Gymboree (every Monday)
~ her favorite is when she is outside but she has some seasonal allergies so that is "fun"
~ outside she has a water table, climber and slide, a few giant balls

~ she loves it when we take her baby for walks on the sidewalk  ... little momma
~ we play a lot on blankets outside doing puzzles or building blocks
~ has a fun time picking me flowers ( my flower beds look fabulous)

~ talks up a storm.... I can't believe how much she says.. genius! "mommy, daddy, divy, bir-die, babY, Papa, grama( grandma), gigi, g-daddy, Kohl, Kim, Ate (Nate), Jen, owside (outside), pay (play), all done, eat, dink (drink), milk, tank-you, ball, tacktor (tractor), car, bye-bye, pease (please), cracker, candy,chicken, hotdog,barney, no-no, yes, wal-mart, shoppin, target, go-go"
 I know she says way more than this but you get the point. She is even says phrases examples " I do it", "More please", "Tank-you ___", "Bye-Bye___", "Where it go" (she always puts her hands out), 
"eats go" (let's go).

"I see! I do it"

Amelia, you are growing so much! Your daddy and I just watching you learn everyday but it is so sad to see you become more independent and becoming a toddler. We just love you to pieces, Princess!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's DayI

We enjoyed a quiet low key Mother's Day. Amelia woke up before 6am (happy day). So I was up and at em pretty early. :) Soon after she woke up I notice she had a bit of a fever. She is cutting her 13th tooth right now... I am pretty sure. We were going to go out for pizza but Deric ended up ordering and bringing it back home. After Amelia took a morning nap she seemed to feel a bit better but still had a low grade fever. We played outside and took some photos but that is about it. I did get to relax in the sun for a bit while Deric played with Amelia.

 I couldn't be more proud to be Amelia's mom. I have also dreamed of what my family would be like when I got married and I am truly living it. I am blessed beyond measures to have Deric as my husband. He is truly my best friend and soul mate. Having Amelia as our first born made our future that much better. She is our shinning light.
Amelia is a good combo of being a momma's / daddy's girl. It is nice she really doesn't prefer one of us over the other. I will say she falls to sleep on Deric almost every night ;). But she seem to lay down on her own better when I take her to bed.

She has been really REALLY lovey these past few weeks. She cracks us up. Always leaning over to give us "sugars" or hugs out of the blue.... melts our hearts.  You can see in this photo she is good at kisses! She nearly knocks me over, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

After our fun in the sun we all took naps! It was so nice. Amelia and I snuggled up on the couch while Deric watched golf and it puts us to sleep every time! ;) After we woke up I got to skype with my mom. She is in Florida right now visiting her parent and my Aunt Pat  (lives in SD) and her family is there too. So I got to see them all. It was nice that I got to "see" them all. It is was so sweet to see my grandma's face light up when she saw Amelia. I really need to get Amelia and I back to see them soon.