Friday, May 18, 2012

16 Months

It is true Amelia is 16 months old today!! I can't believe it! It seems just like yesterday we were celebrating her birth! Our girl is getting big , so stinking smart and cute as ever! Amelia is still really sweet pretty much 85% of the day which is a huge blessing. I hope and pray it stay this way!

Since I haven't done a monthly update in FOREVER I figured it was time to journal what Amelia is up to these days! Our girl is still tiny. She is still in the 10th percentile (she went to the drs yesterday).

wearing 12 months clothes still.. 18 months stuff is a bit baggy
~size 4 shoe
~weighs 20 lbs even
~wears size 4 diaper... biggest setting on cloth
~ potty's in the big girl potty at least twice a day :)
~ has 13 teeth
~ not a picky eater when we get her to eat... darn teething
~ she is running now... fun times

~ plays with her baby doll and stroller the most
~ loves to go to Gymboree (every Monday)
~ her favorite is when she is outside but she has some seasonal allergies so that is "fun"
~ outside she has a water table, climber and slide, a few giant balls

~ she loves it when we take her baby for walks on the sidewalk  ... little momma
~ we play a lot on blankets outside doing puzzles or building blocks
~ has a fun time picking me flowers ( my flower beds look fabulous)

~ talks up a storm.... I can't believe how much she says.. genius! "mommy, daddy, divy, bir-die, babY, Papa, grama( grandma), gigi, g-daddy, Kohl, Kim, Ate (Nate), Jen, owside (outside), pay (play), all done, eat, dink (drink), milk, tank-you, ball, tacktor (tractor), car, bye-bye, pease (please), cracker, candy,chicken, hotdog,barney, no-no, yes, wal-mart, shoppin, target, go-go"
 I know she says way more than this but you get the point. She is even says phrases examples " I do it", "More please", "Tank-you ___", "Bye-Bye___", "Where it go" (she always puts her hands out), 
"eats go" (let's go).

"I see! I do it"

Amelia, you are growing so much! Your daddy and I just watching you learn everyday but it is so sad to see you become more independent and becoming a toddler. We just love you to pieces, Princess!!

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