Monday, August 26, 2013

30 weeks

Baby 2

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along:   30 weeks 
Size of baby:  15.5 inches and 3lbs
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  + 18lbs 
Maternity Clothes:  some but mostly my own clothes 
Gender:  girl ..  Aliza Kay-Marie 
Movement: Baby girl moves a lot  :) 
Sleep: better lately but up at least once 
Symptoms:  sore legs and leg cramps at night and getting really tired fast
What I miss:  being able to walk without getting worn out 
Cravings: cold drinks, sweets and any carbs are always what I want! 
Best Moment this week:  got the paint and cleared out her room!! 
What I am looking forward to:  when we officially schedule the birth! Painting/finishing her nursery.