Thursday, July 18, 2013

24 weeks with baby 2

Baby 2

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along:  24.5 weeks 
Size of baby:  12 inches and a little 1lb 
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  + 12 lbs 
Maternity Clothes:  some already but mostly my own clothes 
Gender:  girl 
Movement: Baby girl moves a lot  :) 
Sleep: better lately but up at least once 
Symptoms:  sore legs and leg cramps at night 
What I miss:  being able to walk without getting worn out 
Cravings: cold drinks, subway, chick-fli-a salads , any carbs 
Best Moment this week: amelia has started to come up and run baby sister and tell her "I love you, baby!" Priceless
What I am looking forward to:  my mom and sister coming to visit and getting baby's room started! 

Amelia on left both at 24 weeks.. I am a bit rounder! :) 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


This past Sunday we took Amelia to a huge Fourth of July celebration at Cross Church. Our neighbors down the street from us invited us out with there group. We don't go to church there and had never been to the firework show so it was nice knowing we had a spot to hang out at until the show started. We had to wait about 3.5 hours before it started. Amelia couldn't have been a better kid! She didn't get upset about waiting at all. 
They had live music and all kinds of food venders and a play area for the kids. 
There were some other kiddos in our group so they kept each other entertained. 
The fireworks started right after they baptized 100 people... Yes 100! Once it turned dark the show went on for about 40 mins! I couldn't believe how long they were. 

Everyone I knew that goes every year talks about how great the show it. It was amazing.. I couldn't believe it. Amelia enjoyed herself to the fullest! She kept saying "this is so cool!, "I'm not scared!", "awesome colors".  Deric and I enjoyed watching Amelia's reaction more than anything I think. We have never taken her to the fireworks. She saw a few of them last year from our deck. So this year she was thrilled to be right there. 
Thanks to our sweet neighbors for the invite!! We had so much celebrating our country's freedom!!