Sunday, January 22, 2012

For the records

I wanted to write down Amelia's stats from her 12 month well baby check that we had on Thursday.
She weighs 18.0 pounds even and was 27 inches long. She was in the 10th percentile across the board. She has always been in the 5th% or 10th. So she is still on petite side but very healthy.
We changed pediatricians also this visit. Our first one has moved to a non for profit office. :( It is great he is giving back but I was sad to change. However, our new doctor was just wonderful! Amelia really liked him as well. They even gave her a new book at her appointment! She also got 4 shots that day. She has done really well with shots thus far. She has never had a reaction besides the normal low grade fever. I am thankful for that!
Here are a few iPhone pictures I took the past couple of days.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Amelia

Today we celebrate  Amelia's first year of life. Amelia has been beyond the best gift ever! I can  hardly believe she is already a year old! She has brought so much joy, happiness, excitement, love, and a few tears and a bit frustration into our lives! :) I have always dreamed about being a mommy and I couldn't have been happier the way I feel about being Amelia's mommy. I look at her everyday and thank the Lord for blessing us with such an amazing little girl.

Little girl.... yes, she has turned into a toddler! It is such a bittersweet feeling. I am so happy she has hit all her milestones and beyond at this age but I am also a bit sad to see that she isn't an infant. She rolled over, crawled, and walked early! She has kept us on our toes! I can't even fathom what she will be doing this time next year! Hopefully, she is still super sweet and listens to everything we say! Right.... that is how it works?

Here is what she is doing at 12 Months.. or at Age One......

~wearing 9 months clothes and I have been getting her in 12 months but they are a bit big still
~size 3 diaper, medium setting on her cloth
~ drinking 7oz of WHOLE milk every 4 hours.... you LOVE your milk!
~sleeping one 2.5~ 3 hour nap every day around 12:30 but the holidays messed you up so we are working to get you back on schedule
~ talking up a storm! these are the words I know you are saying  when you say them ... "mama, dada, div,look, go"  you chit-chat all the time and we just love it
~ your giggle keeps your daddy and I in stitches.. it is the cutest sound ever
~  you get into EVERYTHING...
~ you think you need to help mommy with everything
~ you got babies for Christmas and your birthday and you LOVE to hold them. Carry around a stuffed animal or baby doll hugging them saying "awwww". You sway back and forth with them too. SO SWEET! I think you will love playing babies when you get bigger
~ you LOVE to hear music or to be sang too you always  "sing" and dance when you hear music
~  love books and now love your puzzles
~ really good at playing on your own
~ still have a love/hate relationship with the the dogs, you are getting better at petting them instead of yanking at their hair!
~  you are a bit of a stinker... when I do tell you "no" you will just look at me with the biggest cheesy face and giggle. It make me laugh and I can't keep a straight face. I will have to tell you 10x or more "no" before you give up.

I could not be more thankful to be your mommy. I don't know you will ever know just how much your Daddy and I love you. My heart is filled to the top and is over spilling with pride and love when I look at you. Truly, you are just the happiest girl most days. We do have some tough days here and there but overall we get through them. We have days when you are just so whiny and want to held and  I just want a break. But, when I sit a rock you and sing my heart melts when you make your "goie-goie" sound. I sit and think about one day when you may not want me to hold or spend quite snuggle time with me. Some days housework can wait because you are growing up to fast  and need mommy time. And I will choose play and snuggle time over anything else first!  You are my sunshine, sweetie girl.
Hugs and Kisses,

Sunday, January 15, 2012

ONE~derland Party

Yesterday, was a big day in our house! Amelia had her very first birthday party! It was such a fun day! We had lots of fun and had a great group of friends and family to help us celebrate! Amelia's  First birthday is on Tuesday so maybe we will let her have a cupcake then too! ;)

Be prepared for the picture overload! I wanted to capture every detail. I had so much fun planning the party! My mom and sister were such a huge help! Plus, my two sweet friends made the two banners! So thankful to all of them!  We  baked the cupcakes , cookies, and Amelia's cake! My sister gets all the credit for the making  snowflakes for the cupcakes. She did that while I did the cookie pops, and Amelia's cake.  I also made the cupcake stand and the mantle decor. My mom did pretty much all the food. She knows her way around the kitchen!

As you can see Amelia enjoying all of her gifts! Thanks to all of you who came out to share our day with us!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sorry peeps!

Sorry y'all! We have had a busy couple of weeks since getting back from Christmas!
Not only is someone in our house is turning ONE next week but my mom got here right after we got home!
More one those subjects later.... :)
Our house is birthday central!

Last night,however, Deric and I got a chance to have an awesome date night last night! We got tickets to see "Blue Man Group" and went to dinner before! It was an awesome show! Thankfully we didn't have to fly to Vegas to see them! HA
I did get picked out of the crowd to go up on stage! I was so shocked and surprised! It was a blast though and I will alway remember it! My boots got the bad end of the deal and ended up getting fake puke on them. After I scrub them after we got home I think they will be ok... Mind u they are suede! Here is the photo they took while I was up on stage! And the other one is one Deric took when we got back home!