Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sorry peeps!

Sorry y'all! We have had a busy couple of weeks since getting back from Christmas!
Not only is someone in our house is turning ONE next week but my mom got here right after we got home!
More one those subjects later.... :)
Our house is birthday central!

Last night,however, Deric and I got a chance to have an awesome date night last night! We got tickets to see "Blue Man Group" and went to dinner before! It was an awesome show! Thankfully we didn't have to fly to Vegas to see them! HA
I did get picked out of the crowd to go up on stage! I was so shocked and surprised! It was a blast though and I will alway remember it! My boots got the bad end of the deal and ended up getting fake puke on them. After I scrub them after we got home I think they will be ok... Mind u they are suede! Here is the photo they took while I was up on stage! And the other one is one Deric took when we got back home!

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