Sunday, June 20, 2010

Still Alive!

Wow... I have gone forever without posting anything!  I told myself I would post at least once a week.... fail! Well, it is a new week and I will try to stay on track now.

Deric and I made a trip home last week for his nephew's high school graduation. I can't believe Nick is old enough to graduated already! When we got to graduation we noticed we forgot the camera at the Bidwell's house so I stole some pics off FB from Deric's sister, Kim. Congrats again Nick! We are very proud of you! Nick is going to join the service. He will be going around September...... I think.  

After graduation we had a little cookout for Nick with all the family. His  real graduation party was today.We spent most of the week just hanging out with our families. It was so nice to just relax and not have to been anywhere all the time.  My mom, sister and I went shopping on Monday for most of the day. I bought a new swimsuit and got Nikohl's (niece) birthday gifts. It was so nice to have a shopping day with just the three of us. I miss that!  Later that night our youngest nephew, Nate, had his first tee ball game! Nate did a great job! I am pretty sure he had more dirt on him after the game than the field! Nate had to run and slide after each ball that was hit! Here are some photos of Nate during the game.

The rest of the week was filled with a trip the the Flee Market which was great. I bought a cute summer dress and Deric got some wallets. We mostly went for the food.... sweet roll, pretzel and ice cream. We also went to see Deric's best friend Justin. Justin and his wife, Steph, are having a little boy this July. We can't wait to meet little Ethan! I got to spend a lot time with my best friend Aimee and her little guy, Jaxson. One day for lunch I met up with a friend from High School. I don't get to see Sabrina as often as I would like so it was a real treat to have lunch with her!
  Nate and Nikohl at the flee market.... eating their pretzels

                                               This is Aimee and Jaxson .. he is so cute!

  I also got to spend some time at the lake with mom and Jen. It was so nice to just lay and read my book. I took the dogs out to the lake and Divot enjoyed the water!

                                             Divot and Grandma, Janice, soaking up the sun!

The day before the lake I was at my parents house and this little kitten came up to me. The poor thing was a dirty mess and looked like someone had burned her tail with a cigarette. Of course I had a find her a home, and because Divot was trying to kill... I mean "play" with her, she went to my sister's house!  We gave her a bath and fed her. She is so stinkin cute! Jen didn't keep the kitty but her MIL did! So we found her a great home! This picture was taken after her bath.

We ended our visit home with a trip to the  Blue Chip Casino. Deric's parents got the 4 of us tickets to see a show they saw in Vegas.When Linda heard it was coming to the Blue Chip while we were home she got the tickets. I remember her asking me if we wanted to go but really didn't pay close attention to what the show was. I knew it had to be good... it was a Vegas show!  We were talking about the show earlier in the week and asked Linda what exactly what the show was. She was telling us it was called "Las Vegas Divas" where men dress up like famous woman singers! lol So Yes, my in-laws took us to a Vegas drag show! And the best part is that we sat in the front row! It was so much fun and crazy how some of them looked just like the artist they were impersonating. They wouldn't allow flash photographing during the show... I was afraid to get my camera out so I  have a few pictures. I wish I would have had my camera out the whole time!

This last picture is the host of the show. He impersonated Joan Rivers at the start of the show. "She" was pretty funny!

                                          Here is my MIL after the show playing the slots!

We had a great visit home. We are so thankful to have such a wonderful family! I am so happy they all live in the same area! It makes our life easy!