Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Is my birthday.... I am 26 years old today! I can't believe that I am 26... growing up! :) Today has been a great day. Amelia has been in a happy mood all day! My best friend, Val, took us girls to lunch. I love meeting up for lunches. It is fun to get out of the house!

(dont pay attention to our unmade bed and the toys everywhere it's my bday I don't have to make it! I have yet to make the bed this week so far! Don't judge)

Last night I met some of my other sweet friends for dinner. We celebrated at Chili's! I picked to go there last year and this year! Funny that last year I was just about to find out if I was having a girl or boy and that is all we talked about. This year pretty much the same... still talked about that baby girl! LOL Amelia is so spoiled rotten by all of her "Aunties". I am 100% sure the ladies really just wanted to hang out with Little A!

Bea got me cute photo frame and some yummy candels plus some really cute earrings! They make noise... my favorite. Robin made these ADORABLE coasters for me. They have got to be the cutest idea I have ever came across! So personal!

When we got home from dinner Deric had a bundle of flowers and some cookies for me! I have been a sweet tooth kick so I was pumped to see the cookies! That man knows how to treat his wife! Flowers and chocolate chip cookies is the way to my heart!

On a serious note. My neighbor, Marcia, who is like my AR mom has surgery today. She had a autoimmune disease that caused all kinds of damage to her spinal cord. She goes for surgery every year to replace the batteries in her back that pulse on her spinal cord. It is like a pace maker for her back that never shuts off. I just got word that is all is well and she is out of surgery. She should have been able to be released shortly after surgery but they were delayed by a few hours. So they are keeping her over night. Marcia went to Mayo Clinic in FL for the surgery. That is where her wonderful doctor is. Remember when I went to FL with her in April. We went to see her doctor while we were there.
See, she had surgery just a few days after Amelia was born here in AR and has been messed up since. Poor lady hasn't had any relief. So if you could keep Marcia in your thoughts and prayers these next few days. I am sure she will be in LOTS of pain for a week or so.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a good weekend around here. Beside the fact we didn't get caught up on sleep. Our sweet sleeping through the night baby has now been getting up multiple times a night! I am 99% sure it is her teeth. I have tried everything but give the child whiskey and she still wakes up. She seems fine during the day, because she stays busy, I think. I hate the fact that she is hurting. As of this morning she has one tiny spot at the bottom were a tooth has poked through!!

Saturday, I worked later than I normally do. I didn't get done till 3. Deric said Amelia has a good day. Which I was happy about minute last week she wasn't so good. I picked up a pizza on the way home and we just hung out and relaxed. Until I left for the Rhea Lana sale. I love this sale happens twice a year in our area! It is such a good way to get some really good deals. I bought mostly shoes (thinking of her walking soon), some cute clothes,  bows, and two toys. Amelia has a TON of clothes already so I only wanted some really adorable stuff. Here is what we got.

Amelia has found her "scream" over the last part of the week and this weekend she did it no stop! It isn't a mad scream at all. It is another way for her to talk to us. It is so funny! She also can do the thing when you rub your finger up and down on her mouth and it sounds funny. I have no idea what to call it, but pure joy. She LOVES it and reaches for your hand to do it now. One other thing this girl can now do is go from crawling to sitting up. I swear there is no slowing her down. She can hold herself up behind the walking toy I got and tries to take a few steps.

Sunday we headed to church. We have been trying out this new church right by our house. So far I really like it. We let Amelia go to the nursery for the first time at it was HARD. I was freaked out by leaving her with people I didn't know. But the whole fingerprint to drop off/pick up your child helps! Deric checked his cell phone every minute during church to see if we had gotten a text to come. We basically ran over to check on her after the service and our little miss was fast asleep in the arms of a ladies husband rocking away.   Since she was happy and sleeping we got to try out the Sunday school class we were invited too. It has couples our age in it, so I think this will be a good way to connect with our peers. Hopefully, have some long lasting friendships out of it as well.

When class was over we headed down to pick up Amelia. She was happy and smiling playing on the lap of one of the workers. She was pretty excited to see me,I got a huge smile and a wave. The workers told us Amelia was good and hoped she would be back. So I take it she was her normal sweet self. OR they were saying that just to be nice.... I mean it is church right! LOL

Giddy Up

We had a pretty low key weekend. It was nice! Friday after I picked up Amelia we met Daddy for dinner. I really don't like cooking dinner on Fridays! Maybe it is because I am at work and when I get home I just want to play with our princess! Or the fact I usually don't get to eat at work and I am starving by the end of my day!
Amelia was making mommy something to eat in her new kitchen! :)

Amelia sat in a highchair the first time at dinner...I forgot to take a pic... bad mom. But she didn't last long in it. I hadn't finish her cart/high chair cover yet so I was thinking the whole time what kind of nasty germs where on it! She was fine however, the wipe was clean after I wiped the chair down.

Saturdays is another work day for me. I usually go in about 9 and try to be home about 1 or 2. I am so busy on Saturdays the day just flies by. Amelia was a bit grumpy and wouldn't eat very well for her daddy while I was at work. She is been such a momma's girl lately. I am not sure what is up with that. She still fusses when I walk out of the room! I finished up her cart cover and finally used the embroiderer on machine to add her name in the pillow!! I have been so nervous to do anything on a real item. It turned out great! I love it!! This picture is from my phone.

On a side note... I need to do a of all the things I have made for Amelia. But I may just open a new blogger to post all of sewing things. I am now selling stuff so if you are interested let me know! I have made myself some pretty adorable dresses too!! Here is one I made Wednesday before work and had to wear it!

Sunday we got up a headed to church. Amelia stayed with us the whole time. I still have a hard time leaving her in the nursery. I have yet to do it and she is almost 7 months old! But she is such a sweet girl and sleeps most of the time at church!

After church Deric went for a bike ride and Amelia napped while I made her a new dress. I was in need of a "western cowgirl" type of dress for later that day. I have purchased the fabric when my inlaws were here because I thought it was adorable. And man, what I right! Yep, I even added some applique boots on it!

We needed the dress because Amelia was going to "ride" her first horse that evening. My friend/ co-worker has a horse farm and shows horses. I told her that I was just 6 months old when I sat on my first horse and we needed Amelia to do that too! We got the horse all saddled up and everything. Please note that my hair looks AWFUL I plan on getting it done Thursday....if I can wiat that long without doing it myself! But who are we kidding... you only want to look at little A anyhow!

Amelia really didn't know what to think about the horse. She was more into watching Becca's three dogs!

Here is "Aunt" Becca and Amelia. Blue, the horse was more interested in Baby when Becca was holding her! I think he got jealous! Her horses are spoiled she treats them like children! And her barn is cleaner than some houses! I kid you not!

Our tuckered out cowgirl! I can't wait till she is bigger and we can really ride! But for now sitting on a horse with momma's help is how we will do it! I have already told Becca, she has to give Amelia riding lesson! She will need a pair of new PINK boots by then..... of course!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

7 month

Amelia you turned 7 months yesterday! I can NOT believe this! You are growing way to fast. You are such a BUSY little thing. You are now mobile and we can't slow you down. There is nothing I love more than just watching you. I love the way you discover the world around you. Everything is the "best" thing ever!

~Here are your 7 month stats~

* wearing 6 months clothes mostly but have gotten your 9 month oneies/jammies out
*size 2 diaper and smallest setting still on your cloth diapers
* 4 oz of milk every three hours during the day
*cereal and fruit in the morning, 2 oz of veggies afternoon, evening fruit and veggies 4 oz total
*you sign "eat","milk", and sometimes "all done"
* you blow raspberries all the time, love doing it while you eat :)
*sleeping mostly through the night, every now and then waking up at least once
*bed at 8:30 wake at 7am
* morning nap for about an hour, 2.5 hr nap in the afternoon, sometimes a late afternoon snooze for about 45 mins
*still LOVE bath time... water baby

*plays really well on your own*love playing with ipad/ laptop/ iphone, I swear you will be one and know everything about the ipad!
*love books, we sit in your room all the time and read!
*love to be sang too
*you smile all the time and now giggle... my favorite
*your favorite lately is still outside, Daddy takes you outside all the time while I make dinner
*sitting like a big girl since July
*crawling now (belly)

* you now have figured out the different rooms in the house
*discovered the dogs, you chase them all the time
*you love the door stoppers.. you pull on them all the time! :)
*you want to touch everything
*started to hold yourself up to the couch/coffee table
*still no teeth but drooling all the time
*still the happiest sweetest little baby
*MOMMA"S girl, you get mad when you can't see me some days

You are the most amazing gift and I still can't believe we are blessed to be your parents. I adore and love you more than you will ever know, Princess!

Photo shoot

I had a sweet lady who comes into our salon ask me if she could photograph Amelia. She is starting up a photography business and needed a baby for model.

Amelia stood up next to this chair for the first time!! We had her sit in it also. I can't believe she did it!! I was so proud as I stood just fat enough away not to be in the way!!

It was so nice of her to think of Amelia! She has seen all of little A's pictures that my friend Candace has done and knew Amelia would be fun to photograph.

We met at her home at 9am. It was an early start but glad we Were there so early because when we were wrapping it up and storm blew in! We kept hearing the thunder all morning!

Amelia did a pretty good job considering it was pretty hot out and she was getting hungry. We took a break so she could refill! :)

But to be honest, Amelia gives Candace WAY better smiles! I think Amelia loves her auntie Candace! I was having a hard time getting princess to get smile big for us!

This picture doesn't get any sweeter.....

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