Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Photo shoot

I had a sweet lady who comes into our salon ask me if she could photograph Amelia. She is starting up a photography business and needed a baby for model.

Amelia stood up next to this chair for the first time!! We had her sit in it also. I can't believe she did it!! I was so proud as I stood just fat enough away not to be in the way!!

It was so nice of her to think of Amelia! She has seen all of little A's pictures that my friend Candace has done and knew Amelia would be fun to photograph.

We met at her home at 9am. It was an early start but glad we Were there so early because when we were wrapping it up and storm blew in! We kept hearing the thunder all morning!

Amelia did a pretty good job considering it was pretty hot out and she was getting hungry. We took a break so she could refill! :)

But to be honest, Amelia gives Candace WAY better smiles! I think Amelia loves her auntie Candace! I was having a hard time getting princess to get smile big for us!

This picture doesn't get any sweeter.....

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  1. Yeah--I think it makes a big difference if your child is comfortable with the person behind the camera, otherwise they aren't going to smile or look the right direction. There are some adorable pictures in their though! Amelia is a fabulous model :)