Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a good weekend around here. Beside the fact we didn't get caught up on sleep. Our sweet sleeping through the night baby has now been getting up multiple times a night! I am 99% sure it is her teeth. I have tried everything but give the child whiskey and she still wakes up. She seems fine during the day, because she stays busy, I think. I hate the fact that she is hurting. As of this morning she has one tiny spot at the bottom were a tooth has poked through!!

Saturday, I worked later than I normally do. I didn't get done till 3. Deric said Amelia has a good day. Which I was happy about minute last week she wasn't so good. I picked up a pizza on the way home and we just hung out and relaxed. Until I left for the Rhea Lana sale. I love this sale happens twice a year in our area! It is such a good way to get some really good deals. I bought mostly shoes (thinking of her walking soon), some cute clothes,  bows, and two toys. Amelia has a TON of clothes already so I only wanted some really adorable stuff. Here is what we got.

Amelia has found her "scream" over the last part of the week and this weekend she did it no stop! It isn't a mad scream at all. It is another way for her to talk to us. It is so funny! She also can do the thing when you rub your finger up and down on her mouth and it sounds funny. I have no idea what to call it, but pure joy. She LOVES it and reaches for your hand to do it now. One other thing this girl can now do is go from crawling to sitting up. I swear there is no slowing her down. She can hold herself up behind the walking toy I got and tries to take a few steps.

Sunday we headed to church. We have been trying out this new church right by our house. So far I really like it. We let Amelia go to the nursery for the first time at it was HARD. I was freaked out by leaving her with people I didn't know. But the whole fingerprint to drop off/pick up your child helps! Deric checked his cell phone every minute during church to see if we had gotten a text to come. We basically ran over to check on her after the service and our little miss was fast asleep in the arms of a ladies husband rocking away.   Since she was happy and sleeping we got to try out the Sunday school class we were invited too. It has couples our age in it, so I think this will be a good way to connect with our peers. Hopefully, have some long lasting friendships out of it as well.

When class was over we headed down to pick up Amelia. She was happy and smiling playing on the lap of one of the workers. She was pretty excited to see me,I got a huge smile and a wave. The workers told us Amelia was good and hoped she would be back. So I take it she was her normal sweet self. OR they were saying that just to be nice.... I mean it is church right! LOL

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