Friday, August 5, 2011

Big Stuff

Baby Amelia is now on the move!! She has been trying to crawl for weeks now! She can get a few little "steps" in while she is up on all fours. Tonight she mastered the belly crawl! It cracks us up! She does however get up on all fours and rocks back and fourth! She is getting to be so big!

Here is another video of Amelia giving me "sugars" so sweet!  

We did have Deric's mom, sister, niece and nephews here this past week. We had so much fun! I will post about their visit later. Deric's mom had her birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday! And tomorrow is Deric's birthday!!! We don't have much planned for it. I know we will just enjoy a whole weekend with the three of us!


  1. She's doing the worm!!!! This makes me SOOO happy you have this blog!

  2. YAY... look at her go! Way to go Ameila :)

  3. I can't believe she's crawling already! Btw--your second video says 'this video is private' when I click on it...