Sunday, April 13, 2014

Aliza's monthly birthdays

Sweet baby girl! How is it that you are 5 months old and I have failed to up date your monthly birthdays... I am so sorry! 
I do have photos of you on your monthly birthdays and I still know your stats.... Here we go! 

Your 3 month mark was still smiles and sunshine with you! Such a happy baby and getting so alert! You watched Amelia like a hawk... You have to know what is happening at all times! 

Weight- 11lbs 14 oz ( no well check this month) 
Height- Around 23 inches my guess 
Sleep- 2 good naps a day and all night
Eat- 4 oz of breast milk every 3 hrs
Started rice cereal 
Diapers- size 1 & smallest setting cloth 
Clothing- 3 months

Month 4 started a little rough with you. All of the sudden you became so grumpy and would cry all day.  Feeding you was almost impossible because you would thrash around and scream. You were hurting for some reason. Daddy and I were worn out! We felt horrible for you and wanted to figure out what was wrong. I changed my diet ( since you got breast milk mostly). I took lactouse out completely and change your formula we supplemented with. Your screaming slowed but still it happy. This lasted two weeks before I called the Doctor. The second week I noticed the throwing up after every bottle when you were being burped. I always gave you a paci for burp time but I took it away one day to see what would happen.... Puke shot across the living took like I have never seen before! I knew right away you have Reflux! 

You saw the doctor the next day!  Did a swallow test and he confrimed. We started reflux meds (Zantac twice a day). 
 Your 4 month check was the following week but we pushed it out and it ended up being the week you turned 5 months! 

You are now 5 months old sweet girl! 

Weight- 14lbs 10 oz (32%)
Height- 25 inches (34%) 
Head -40 cm 
Food- 6 oz of milk (3 hrs) fruits and veggies twice a day.... Sister you LOVE food! 
Sleep- not takin as goods as naps but sleep pretty good night, maybe wake up once a night.  Aliza , you are a HUGE fan of a lovie! You have to have one on your face everytime you sleep... Sweetest thing ever!! 
You have to sleep at an incline so you sleep on a wedge in the pack in play but I am moving you to your crib this week!
 Diapers Size 2 & medium setting cloths 
Clothes -3-6 month and some 6 month 
Moving- rolling both ways since 4 moths
Master the backwards crawl and almost sitting up! 

Talk- you are so chatty some days and have the BEST giggle!!  
I am pretty sure you are starting to teeth a bit... Lot of slobber and puke still. 
Amelia is still your favorite person to look at!  
We love you so much even through all your crying and puke. I think at any given moment I have you throw-up on me . You light up a room with your bright blue eyes and cubby loveable cheeks! Aliza-bean you are loved! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Amelia

I can't even believe we have a three year old!  I am forever grateful that I get to be her mommy :) Amelia is such a amazing, smart, sassin bossin, beautiful, loving little girl. 

Her "nickname" 70% of the time is "sassy pants or bossy butt"! The girl wants so badly to be "in charge"! 
We didn't really have the year of terrible twos but I am not holding my breathe as we enter three! HA 

Nonetheless, Amelia is usually a sweet sweet girl. We are so proud of her! I am amazed at the conversations I can carry with her. It blows my mind some days. :) She is such a joy! 

 We love you so very much. Mommy and daddy are your biggest fans! You are convinced you are a princess (but what toddler girl isn't )! You are OBESSED with  anything having to do with "Frozen" right now. You wear your Anna dress consent and you just got the accessories including the boots for your birthday...You are in heaven!

Besides thinking you are a princess you love anything to do with crafts, coloring, painting! You are very creative for such a little girl.  We often joke that we never live in real life. You have a huge imagation and we love it :)  

I couldn't be more proud of the little girl you are growing up to be! 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas 2013

We have a great Christmas. I loved being home and celebrating . We went to Christmas Eve service at church and Amelia loved it. They really focused on the kids and made it fun for them! Amelia enjoyed singing all the songs while standing up on the chair.  They even handed out glow sticks for the kids instead of candles. 


We went to the 6pm service. Amelia didn't nap and fell to sleep in the car on the way home. 
I was hoping for an early bedtime but not that early! We had to wake her up to set out cookies and sprinkle the reindeer 

After a bath and stories she was ready for bed. 

She need a bedtime snack as well 

Shortly after she was sleeping Santa came for a visit! He left some great gifts! Rollers Skates with safety gear, a train table, and clip-clop horse stable and  we set out the gifts we bought them. 

Everything she wanted a more. 
She was pretty happy about all of her new stuff :) 

Aliza got a couple of toys as well, but it is hard to buy toys for a 8 week old!  Aliza gave a pretty sweet giggle when she saw her snail toy from Amelia. 

We played with new toys and I made a big lunch. We had the Coopers over later to eat and exchange gifts.  We were all still feeling sick but we enjoyed the day.  

We got to Skype with our families so it helped being away from them a bit better. Amelia liked showing off her new toys to everyone. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2 months

Aliza-bean is already 2 months old! I can't believe how fast time is skidding by. She sure is pretty sweet and adorable :) 
We had her well check yesterday and she rang in her first New Years!  

Her stats
 - 10lbs 8 oz  and 22 inches long 
 - size 1 diapers 
 - 0-3 month clothes or 3months
 - sleeping 4-5 stretches at night and a few all nights sleeps as well :) 
 - nursing every 2 1/2 -3 hrs . When you take a bottle you drink 3-4 oz 
- started to smile this month. Melts our hearts!
- really focuses on who is talking to you and some toys 
-can lift your head up while on belly
- can sit upright propped on the couch 
-pretty laid back most of the time
-still a mommas girl big time 

You have stolen our hearts sweet girl! We love you so very much!