Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's Your Shape?

Women are always wanting to follow the trend whether it is hair styles, clothes, or home decor. With hair and clothes the trend might not be the best fit for your face shape or body style.
This week I am going to help you determine your face shape and the hair style that most flatters it.

Have you ever pulled your hair back off your face in the mirror trying to figure out your face shape, but just can't figure it out? There are many face shapes and it can be hard to determine yours. Here is a picture that shows most face shapes.

I found that the best way to determine your shape is to pull back all of your hair off of your face. Some of the shapes look a lot alike so get someone else's opinion if needed.The "ideal" face shape is oval. So when trying to find a new cut the best thing is making an illusion of an oval face. Oval is the "ideal"shape because any style/cut will look great. This is because the face is "perfectly" symmetrical.

As cuts/styles go.... here are some pictures I have found that best suite the face shapes I am going to talk about.
Starting with oval. Congratulations, you have the most versatile face shape!You can wear pretty much what ever style you want! No matter the length of your cut, you'll look best with layers neat your cheekbones, lips or chin. Basically whatever feature you want to highlight. I think it is best when the hair is off the forehead. This way you are really show off your "perfect"shape!

The oblong / rectangular face looks almost like an oval face but it is characterized by a face length that is longer than ideal. This face shape is not ideal for many hairstyles, but it does not limit your hair to a lifetime of unflattering hairstyles. In fact, it is very possible to look gorgeous and stunning with your oblong/rectangular face. All that you need to do to accentuate these shape is to get an appropriate and flattering hairstyle. The thing to remember is that the hairstyle should never add length to the oblong face. Bangs that are soft and wispy will give the illusion of shorter face lengths. And if the jaw is strong, the bangs will make the face look more feminine. The recommended short hairstyles are those that add volume to the sides of the face.The chin-length bob that caress the jaw line will also look gorgeous.

If you have the classic round face (like me!) shape, you have soft non-angular features. A great option for round faces are long layers. Keep the hair longer than the chin and ask for layers. Gentle waves are a good way to deflect the roundness of your face. If you have natural wave to your hair just let it go! Use those waves!! But if you don't have wave... wrap the hair around a larger curling iron.Hair styles with fullness and height at the crown. Off center parts help reduce the roundness. You can have short hair also with a round face. Short hair styles with a swept-back direction or hair styles that are longer than chin length. By layering the top to achieve fullness and keeping the rest of the cut relatively close to the face (straight), your round face shape will appear longer and narrower.

In a Square shaped face Short-to-medium length hair, especially with wave or roundness around the face. Wispy bangs will soften the angular shape. Off-center parts with height at the crown look great on square faces. You want to soften the square look of your face with layers and wispy looks around the face. Height at the crown will elongate your symmetrical shape. If your hair is straight, you may want to consider a body wave, as some curl or wave to the hair will achieve a nice balance to the straight features of your face shape. But try to avoid Long straight styles that accentuate the square jawbone. Straight bangs or center parts aren't the best choice. A straight bob ending at the jaw line is the wrong thing to do for your face shape. You can wear a layered bob, however it should end above or below the jaw line, not at the jaw. Make sure in styling that you achieve some roundness to the shape and some height at the crown or bangs, and you will be on the right track.

These are the most common shapes that I come across. If you have a face shape that I didn't mention please let me know. The post is super long already and I didn't want to drag it on longer! BTW... How are the tips I have already posted working for you??

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beautiful Day

Today was such a wonderful day. Farrah was dropped off at 9am this morning. I didn't have anything planned but to met up with Candance and Ana Kate for a walk. Farrah was pretty fussy this morning. She had some gas issues and blew out 2 diapers which went all up her back.... nice! So after cleaning her up and changing her outfit twice we got ready for our walk.
Candance and Ana Kate got to my house about 11:30. Ana Kate played with the pups for a bit and held Farrah till she realized Farrah just laid there! Candace and I were brave we took both girls of course and both my dogs! Ana Kate LOVES to walk the dogs. She held on to Divot ... she is such a big girl. It was so sweet. I had Birdie but she was too scared of Farrah's stroller. So Candance and I were joking about putting Birdie in the basket part of the stroller. We tried it and Birdie LOVED it!!! It was so funny. She sat under there for awhile until Ana Kate wanted to walk her. Divot pulled on poor Ana Kate so I think she was ready to walk Birdie!

After we got back to our house we played in the back yard for a bit and took some pictures. Ana Kate worn the dogs out... it was nice.

                                                  Ana Kate playing "peek a boo" with me
                                                    taking a break on the deck

After Candace and Ana Kate left I got Farrah ready to go to Target. I just needed to pick a few things up so it was a quick trip. For some reason today Farrah was more interested in being in her swing than being held. She is usually a CUDDLE BUG so I was kinda bummed that she just wanted to swing. I was looking forward to a whole day for snuggling! WRONG!! I think the swing helped her gassy belly.

*I also want to ask what ya'll want to see on my hair tip of the week. Thank you so much for all of you checking out my weekly tips. Here are a few tips I have in mind already. They are listed randomly.
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Blow Out"

First I have to give a big THANKS to my wonderful husband for creating my new blog look! I have been wanting a custom look for a while now. I was emailing some different people so I guess he knew I was serious and got to work! He can do it but never really sat down to redo my blog until I told him I was going to PAY someone to do it! :) As soon as I told him the prices he ran into the office and started working away! It took him most of the evening and all of this morning to finish it all. I LOVE IT!!! The only thing I want to add is a button and graphics for my blog roll, about me, archives, etc. So thank you so very much Deric, you are the best!
Here is your "Hair Tip of the week"!

I really hope you enjoy and practice this tip! You and your hair will love it!!

Come back each week to check out that week's hair tip! I am here for you! If you have any questions about what I did today or on styles you want to see PLEASE let me know!

Also this second Video is for Ana Kate!! She is such a cutie! Her momma told me Ana Kate was telling me Hi and giving kisses to the computer screen. She couldn't figure out why I couldn't hear her!! TOO SWEET!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fixed it!

Sorry, I was having issues with people trying to comment on my blog. Between Deric and I we figured it out. I guess my layout was overriding it. So if you wanted to comment on a blog please do so now! I love to hear what people have to say! I am going to post a new hair tip post tomorrow! So come back to check that out! I was going to do it tonight but I am worn out! I had my first weekend of prom girls and let me tell you those girls can wear you out! I love to do updos but today was just a toe in the water to what I have next weekend! I did 4 today but next Saturday I have 8 or 9. It takes about an hour for each girl!!
Ok... now I am rambling! Until tomrrow.... :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Down to Zero!!

Can I hear an Amen??!!!!

.. my hormone level is finally zero! It has been a month today when I found out I was going to miscarry. It seems so long ago but at the same time like it happened yesterday. (Sorry, but I just need to type out my feelings. I don't want to drag ya'll down with me!)
It seems like yesterday because I am at the doctors getting blood work done once sometimes twice a week. So that is a constance reminder of what happened to me. I took the miscarriage really hard. I still have moments when I am by myself where I weep because I am so sad for myself. I wanted that pregnancy to last. It was the perfect way for me to find out and to tell Deric. Now I feel like the next time I am going to be so scared about everything little thing. I just want to be able to enjoy it. But on the other hand it seems like it happened a month ago. We had family visit, my friend had her little girl, and my prom season has started. Sorry that was the hair stylist talkin!

I am so happy and relieved that my hormones all dropped to zero and I can move on. I sometimes wonder if all women who had a miscarriage takes long to heal. I know it is a loss and it is right to feel sad. I felt sad at first well I still feel sad, but mostly I feel hurt and disappointed. I am disappointed that it happened to me and hurt that God didn't stop it from happening. But at the same time I know that He has his reasons and it just isn't clear to me yet. I am human...I am going to think like this.

Speaking of my friends baby..... today was my first day watching her! We had a fabulous day. We dropped the dogs off to get groomed. Which I usually groom them myself but I was treating them to the "spa". BLAHAHAH Who am I kidding. I sometimes REALLY dislike grooming them so I treated MYSELF! Let me tell you this... I thought I did a pretty good job but they look a million times better! This is why I do human hair not dog's hair! Look how darn cute they are?? She even made them match!

There's my handsome boy!

She even put bows in Birdie's hair...
How sweet until Birdie rubs them out!

I almost got tears in my eyes when I saw my babies. It was hard to leave them there because I know they hate everything about grooming! And if ya'll know Divot.. he hates a crate! I was surprised to see he didn't loose any teeth today!
After we dropped the pups off we headed to the doctors for my LAST lab work and then to shop to kill some time before picking the pups back up. We came home for a bit and snuggled.

Then went back out to Wal-Mart! Farrah was such a good girl today! I hope she is like this every Thursday!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Simple Updos

Hey Gals! I am sure most of you have days where you can't seem to do ANYTHING with your hair. Well, I have some quick styles and tips for you! I am hoping to post a  new tip or style every week! I always get asked "Who did your hair" or "How did you get your hair to do that?"  I do my hair almost different everyday. I can't stand to have to be stuck with the same style!  It look me about 3 years to grow out my hair and I love the fact I can change it up all the time! And I am a hairstylist so I have to try new stuff all the time! Most of my clients leave my chair with a few tips in their pockets. So now I am finally stepping out and going to help ya'll!

Ok.. on with the videos...
 Disclaimer: I had been outside doing yard work so don't mind somewhat greasy hair and pretty much no makeup! LOL

The first video you can style the hair more messy (which is what is intended for). Or you can style it some sleek by using a pomade while styling.

 I promise this was the same technique as the video above. This is what is great about the style it can look different each time. And my curly hair make it look different also.
Now I always go back to a hand held mirror to check the back of my head. I rearrange pieces of my hair and repin to get the look I want. I usually am just checking to make it is even on both sides of my head. And I ALWAYS make sure I have a good bump on top!

On to the second do.... I am just planning on doing one video at a time but my sister needs my help!

This is a great hairstyle if you want something more polished.  I see the trend now for hair is low and loose. So each one of this styles works for that.  How cute would it be to put a cute little headband in it!
This style pretty much is the same... I was so happy when I found it with a darling headband!

 So I hope this helps you out when you are in need of a new do! Let me know if you try them out.  Also I would like your ideas on what YOU want to learn how to do with your hair. I do have a list of ideas of what I am going to do each week. So keep checking back!

 *I might need to find a model for my next tip. I wasn't planning on doing them on myself. But this way it shows you it can be done by yourself!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shopping day...

Today was a very busy day off of work. I had to go in for what I thought would  be my last blood work at the doctors.. WRONG! My hormone level is now 19...close but needs to be zero. So I will be heading back next Thursday! I have given the lab at least ten vials blood in the past 2 1\2 weeks! At least it is finally dropping bigger amounts rather than one point at a time!

Anyways, remember the baby shower I hosted in February? Well let me introduce you to.....
                                                                   Miss Farrah Skye.

                                                               Born March 15th
                                                                     6lbs 9oz 
                                                                  19.5 inches

Did I mention she is  full of cuteness! Well I am going to start to keeping this little princess starting next Thursday.I offered to her momma and I have Thursdays off and she was needing someone to keep her!  So it was set that every Thursday her Aunt Mj was going to keep her!  I needed some baby gear for my house now. I was on a mission to find a swing... the girl LOVES her swing. I wanted one that was up far enough from the floor so Divot and Birdie would let her be. I looked on Criag's list at some but there was a consignment show today and I found a great swing for just 40 bucks!! I did buy some bows for Farrah also. The girl is in need of some bows! The one she has on in the picture is the only one she has!

                        This was her first lunch date... doesn't Corienna look great.. Farrah is only 2 wks old!
                                                       I know STINKIN CUTE!
I took this picture last Thursday when I kept Farrah for a few hours so momma could have a break!  

Ok... after the sale I was on my second mission to find a big  flower pot for the front of the house. I had trees there all winter and now it look bare! I wanted something to help bring color to the house!  First stop was Target. My neighbor, Marcia.... a.k.a  Arkansas Mom... went with me. I didn't find the right pot but I did see Ashley and Avery from Ashley's Avenue!!! I have seen Ashley at Target sooo many time but never talked to her! Well, because I didn't want her to think I was some crazy and knows her whole life!! I love it when I get a chance to meet the blog girls I follow!
*P.S  The last time I saw Ashely in Target was the day I found out I was pregnant. I was talking on the phone while in the baby section trying to find the perfect gift for Deric. I really wanted to just go up to someone to scream that I was pregnant! But I resisted..... thank goodness! LOL  I remember this so clearly because I was thinking the whole time.. that is going to be in 10 months.... shopping with MY baby and then blogging about it! LOL
                      Thanks Ashley for chatting and it was so nice to meet you FINALLY!!

                                             And YES Avery is THE cutest little princess!

After all the excitement at Target it was off to Home Depot. I did find the pot that I was looking for!
I am going to plant some sweet potato vine and wave petunias in it! I can see it now... GORGEOUS!
I also picked up some herbs there. Deric really wanted to try out a herb garden this year. I picked up basil, oregano, parsley,rosemary and sage. Do ya'll grow herbs?? I hope we don't kill em! I have pretty green thumb when it comes to flowers so I hope it will wear off on the herbs!

I ended my evening with my belly dance workout class. I have it every Thursday night at 6:30! I have so much fun at class and have made many new friends I can shimmy with! LOL
I feel like I have gotten a lot done today. I did do some laundry and dishes. But my bathrooms didn't get any T.L.C. today. Oh well.... they will be there tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's about time!

I haven't even posted yet about our visit with Deric's parents, niece and nephew. They traveled down to see us for spring break. We agreed on meeting in Branson for a night because we all wanted to see the Dixie Stampede. Linda (MIL) got us all tickets for the Saturday night show. You can read about the show on Deric's blog. We all had a great time and would go to the show again! We stayed just one night in Branson so Sunday morning we found a great cafe to have breakfast at. The cafe even had a guy singing up on a stage! He had a really good voice too!
 After we ate I wanted to go do the Old Time Photo.... Old Timey... is what I call em!Deric,Nate, Nikohl and I did the photo. We let the kids decide what they wanted to do so they picked the saloon pictures. Nate was just worried about the gun he was going to get to hold. He thought it was pretty cool he had the bigest gun. I didn't care what type of photo we did I just wanted to get a serious face on Nathan! He did it sooo perfectly! I just look at the photo and crack up! Nikhol and Deric had really good serious  faces also.  I don't really care for what I brought to the photo... my hair is ALL wrong. I get over it!
                              ( I am pretty sure this is illegal to copy this pic! SHHHH don't tell!)

We got home Sunday night after a little detour because of the nasty snow... yes snow in the south on spring break! We added about hour and half or more to our trip back home! We just stayed home for the rest of the evening. I made my goat cheese chicken and potatoes for dinner. While dinner was in the oven I finished up the kid's snuggies! Of course  I made them snuggies!   I had to do something to keep my mind off of my miscarriage. The kids will get a  lot of use out of them. They spend alot of summer nights by a bon fire and a snug is the way to go!  I have to thank Linda for taking pictures of the snuggies because I didn't get one picture!
                    Her pocket isn't cricked... just looks it! It isn't pulled up all the way over her shoulder
Nate's is a bit big... but he will grow into it fast! I love that the camo is tractors.

I have a friend/ neighbor that has a embroidery machine so I asked her to put the kid's names on their pockets! She was so sweet to do it at such last minute! The rest of our visit was really laid back which is nice to be able to just visit! I cut Nikohl's and Linda's hair on Monday when Deric was at work. Then took the kids to "Fast Lanes" on Monday night. We didn't bowl though. Just did the go carts and arcade games.
                                                Kohl and I stopped to wait on the track!
                                          Deric and I with the kids before they left to go home
                                                      Deric with Linda and Jerry

I thank my wonderful in-laws for coming down to visit! We love it when we have family and friends visit. We wish it would be longer and more often for sure!  We only get to see family 4 or 5 times a year!  We will be heading back up to Indiana in June. Our oldest nephew Nick (Kohl and Nate's older brother) is graduating from H.S.  I think we are planning on staying a week because it will be Kohl's 10th birthday too!