Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beautiful Day

Today was such a wonderful day. Farrah was dropped off at 9am this morning. I didn't have anything planned but to met up with Candance and Ana Kate for a walk. Farrah was pretty fussy this morning. She had some gas issues and blew out 2 diapers which went all up her back.... nice! So after cleaning her up and changing her outfit twice we got ready for our walk.
Candance and Ana Kate got to my house about 11:30. Ana Kate played with the pups for a bit and held Farrah till she realized Farrah just laid there! Candace and I were brave we took both girls of course and both my dogs! Ana Kate LOVES to walk the dogs. She held on to Divot ... she is such a big girl. It was so sweet. I had Birdie but she was too scared of Farrah's stroller. So Candance and I were joking about putting Birdie in the basket part of the stroller. We tried it and Birdie LOVED it!!! It was so funny. She sat under there for awhile until Ana Kate wanted to walk her. Divot pulled on poor Ana Kate so I think she was ready to walk Birdie!

After we got back to our house we played in the back yard for a bit and took some pictures. Ana Kate worn the dogs out... it was nice.

                                                  Ana Kate playing "peek a boo" with me
                                                    taking a break on the deck

After Candace and Ana Kate left I got Farrah ready to go to Target. I just needed to pick a few things up so it was a quick trip. For some reason today Farrah was more interested in being in her swing than being held. She is usually a CUDDLE BUG so I was kinda bummed that she just wanted to swing. I was looking forward to a whole day for snuggling! WRONG!! I think the swing helped her gassy belly.

*I also want to ask what ya'll want to see on my hair tip of the week. Thank you so much for all of you checking out my weekly tips. Here are a few tips I have in mind already. They are listed randomly.
~ Diffuser blow drying
~braiding your own hair/ braided trends
~long/short waves
~my favorite hair products/accessorys
~styles for your face shape
~color trends
~cut trends


  1. I want to see the braid one and how to get my hair curlier! So the waves and diffuser! I love that you're doing this.Have I told you that Im planning on going to beauty school. :) Thanks for the tips!! Love ya!

  2. We had so much fun today! Ana Kate was out by the time we got home.

    I would love to see something on 'styles for your face shape' thinking about ideas for my haircut on Monday! :) Hope you guys have a great weekend!