Sunday, April 11, 2010

Simple Updos

Hey Gals! I am sure most of you have days where you can't seem to do ANYTHING with your hair. Well, I have some quick styles and tips for you! I am hoping to post a  new tip or style every week! I always get asked "Who did your hair" or "How did you get your hair to do that?"  I do my hair almost different everyday. I can't stand to have to be stuck with the same style!  It look me about 3 years to grow out my hair and I love the fact I can change it up all the time! And I am a hairstylist so I have to try new stuff all the time! Most of my clients leave my chair with a few tips in their pockets. So now I am finally stepping out and going to help ya'll!

Ok.. on with the videos...
 Disclaimer: I had been outside doing yard work so don't mind somewhat greasy hair and pretty much no makeup! LOL

The first video you can style the hair more messy (which is what is intended for). Or you can style it some sleek by using a pomade while styling.

 I promise this was the same technique as the video above. This is what is great about the style it can look different each time. And my curly hair make it look different also.
Now I always go back to a hand held mirror to check the back of my head. I rearrange pieces of my hair and repin to get the look I want. I usually am just checking to make it is even on both sides of my head. And I ALWAYS make sure I have a good bump on top!

On to the second do.... I am just planning on doing one video at a time but my sister needs my help!

This is a great hairstyle if you want something more polished.  I see the trend now for hair is low and loose. So each one of this styles works for that.  How cute would it be to put a cute little headband in it!
This style pretty much is the same... I was so happy when I found it with a darling headband!

 So I hope this helps you out when you are in need of a new do! Let me know if you try them out.  Also I would like your ideas on what YOU want to learn how to do with your hair. I do have a list of ideas of what I am going to do each week. So keep checking back!

 *I might need to find a model for my next tip. I wasn't planning on doing them on myself. But this way it shows you it can be done by yourself!


  1. i actually loved watching you do the hair on yourself. of course i think it might give me a false confidence i can do it to myself. i was admiring the way you work those pins and do it without a mirror!

    keep those hair tips coming!

  2. I did the first one on my hair and I LOVED it! Thanks Amanda! I even got a "wow your hair looks cute!" out of it.

    Keep 'em coming. I'm short on time and patience around here and need all the help I can get!

  3. Love your hair tips. Quick question what type of hair pins do you use? I have straight, thick, long hair (halfway down my back)what type of hair pins would you recommend to make sure and hold?