Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's Your Shape?

Women are always wanting to follow the trend whether it is hair styles, clothes, or home decor. With hair and clothes the trend might not be the best fit for your face shape or body style.
This week I am going to help you determine your face shape and the hair style that most flatters it.

Have you ever pulled your hair back off your face in the mirror trying to figure out your face shape, but just can't figure it out? There are many face shapes and it can be hard to determine yours. Here is a picture that shows most face shapes.

I found that the best way to determine your shape is to pull back all of your hair off of your face. Some of the shapes look a lot alike so get someone else's opinion if needed.The "ideal" face shape is oval. So when trying to find a new cut the best thing is making an illusion of an oval face. Oval is the "ideal"shape because any style/cut will look great. This is because the face is "perfectly" symmetrical.

As cuts/styles go.... here are some pictures I have found that best suite the face shapes I am going to talk about.
Starting with oval. Congratulations, you have the most versatile face shape!You can wear pretty much what ever style you want! No matter the length of your cut, you'll look best with layers neat your cheekbones, lips or chin. Basically whatever feature you want to highlight. I think it is best when the hair is off the forehead. This way you are really show off your "perfect"shape!

The oblong / rectangular face looks almost like an oval face but it is characterized by a face length that is longer than ideal. This face shape is not ideal for many hairstyles, but it does not limit your hair to a lifetime of unflattering hairstyles. In fact, it is very possible to look gorgeous and stunning with your oblong/rectangular face. All that you need to do to accentuate these shape is to get an appropriate and flattering hairstyle. The thing to remember is that the hairstyle should never add length to the oblong face. Bangs that are soft and wispy will give the illusion of shorter face lengths. And if the jaw is strong, the bangs will make the face look more feminine. The recommended short hairstyles are those that add volume to the sides of the face.The chin-length bob that caress the jaw line will also look gorgeous.

If you have the classic round face (like me!) shape, you have soft non-angular features. A great option for round faces are long layers. Keep the hair longer than the chin and ask for layers. Gentle waves are a good way to deflect the roundness of your face. If you have natural wave to your hair just let it go! Use those waves!! But if you don't have wave... wrap the hair around a larger curling iron.Hair styles with fullness and height at the crown. Off center parts help reduce the roundness. You can have short hair also with a round face. Short hair styles with a swept-back direction or hair styles that are longer than chin length. By layering the top to achieve fullness and keeping the rest of the cut relatively close to the face (straight), your round face shape will appear longer and narrower.

In a Square shaped face Short-to-medium length hair, especially with wave or roundness around the face. Wispy bangs will soften the angular shape. Off-center parts with height at the crown look great on square faces. You want to soften the square look of your face with layers and wispy looks around the face. Height at the crown will elongate your symmetrical shape. If your hair is straight, you may want to consider a body wave, as some curl or wave to the hair will achieve a nice balance to the straight features of your face shape. But try to avoid Long straight styles that accentuate the square jawbone. Straight bangs or center parts aren't the best choice. A straight bob ending at the jaw line is the wrong thing to do for your face shape. You can wear a layered bob, however it should end above or below the jaw line, not at the jaw. Make sure in styling that you achieve some roundness to the shape and some height at the crown or bangs, and you will be on the right track.

These are the most common shapes that I come across. If you have a face shape that I didn't mention please let me know. The post is super long already and I didn't want to drag it on longer! BTW... How are the tips I have already posted working for you??

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