Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Under the Weather"

Sorry that I haven't gotten this weeks hair tip up yet. I have been fighting allergys all weekend. Today seems a little better, but not great. I went to work yesterday and wished that I would have stayed at home inside!  I promise I will get this week's hair tip up soon! I sound like a 100 year old smoker right now. My throat is still pretty raw and my nose is all plugged up!! LOL

But in other "Bidwell News" after work on Saturday when I still felt normal. I have been so eager to plant this year!  I stopped at the nursery to pick up some flowers. I didn't know what I wanted to get this year. So I wondered around for a bit. While I was at the nursery I ran into Melissa and Chad from "Stafford Stories" blog. Melissa was super sweet! It was nice running into them.  I did find some great flowers and some sweet potato vein! When I got home I got planting right away. I did pick up some trough like flower pots for the deck... that look so pretty!! It adds much needed color to the back yard.  Maybe I spent to much time outside that is why I feel so bad! But my flower beds look GREAT! I will post pictures later!!

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