Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dress Your Hair Up

This weeks hair tip is all about products and accessories. I am loving that the trend for 2010 is lots of hair accessories. I love wearing cute headband or scarfs in my hair. This is also a easy way to dress up a pony tail or add to your short hair style!

I am seeing in all the magazines that big headbands like these are really popular this year.

I have many headbands that I have bought over the past couple of months. I love that it will dress up a tee and jeans in a instant! Or if I have a bad hair day and just want to throw a ponytail in I have a headband to dress it up. I am not much of JUST a ponytail.... it has to look like I did something to my hair!
I have a few of these braided headbands and they are super cute. I got them at Forever 21 for under $4.00.
Hats are a trend this year too. I have a few hats that I like to sport! :)

When it comes to hair products I have a list of the ones I like.Ihe list could go on forever! I used to be in LOVE with Big Sexy Hair. But over time it seemed to just build up in my hair and the longer my hair got the "gummier" the product felt on my scalp. Nothing against all their products. This just shows it good to change it up.I don't mind using products as long as I don't feel it in my hair!  Lately,  I have been loving my Kenra products. Kenra has line two lines of product.. Kenra Platinum and Kenra Classic. Quality. Haircare. You can see the difference right away. the Platinum line is super shiny sliver packaging and the Classic is in matte sliver packaging. I am sure you can tell from packaging the Platinum is for complete shine!

Kenra has different holds to their products like most lines. I use their 25 hairspray, this is the hardest hold but it still is easy to comb out and shampoo out.  This hairspray won the stylist choice award.
 I have also found that Kenra Curl Defining Cream works best for my natural curls. I mentioned it in my last hair tip post.  It never makes it look wet and helps eliminate any frizz. I use this also when I am just curling my hair with a normal curling iron. I use it to separate the curls.  It adds bounce and shine to my hair. May I mention that the smell is amazing!!!!

The other product that I love more than the Kenra Defining Creme is Paul Mitchel's "Super Skinny Serum"

Even though these are the products that I love the most, doesn't mean they are the best for you. If you have oily hair you do not need to be using the skinny serum. But if you have dry, stressed hair like mine... a dime size is all you will need.  Most people need a GOOD shampoo and conditioner. You don't need to spend a ton of money on these... but PLEASE buy  salon hair care. Many "chain" salons run deals ALL the time. You can sometimes find better deals on salon products that what you can get off  a Wal-Mart shelve.  Start with a brand that you have heard of the most, good price, and of course it has to smell good! I suggest you stay away from products that have a lot of sulfate and alcohol in it. Most hairspray have alcohol... they have to have it in it. But there is no need for shampoo and conditioner to have it.  If you are new to buying professional products start with a shampoo, conditioner, and a hairspray. These are the products that you will use the most and you will see the difference professional products make! It is pretty easy to figure out what "type of shampoo/conditioner you will need ... if your hair is
                                                        dry get  moister shp/con
                                                         flat hair get volume
                                                        colored get colored treated
 There are even brands for gressy/oily, curly, thin, and thick hair. All you have to do is look for it!
You have your hair for life why ruin it with products that are full of silicon, wax, and alcohol that will just dry it out. When you can invest a bit more in professional products and you know your hair will be shiner, healthier, and worth every penny. Salon hair care will safe you money over time, because you will find you don't need to use as much product. I can go months without buying products and I style my hair everyday sometimes twice a day!!

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