Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

First ... Happy Mother's Day to our moms, Janice and Linda!!! Thank you for being such wonderful Moms. I hope I am as great as a mom you both are. Hopefully this time next year I will be celebrated by my own child. We can't wait to see you both in a few weeks we miss you!!

I have had a fun weekend. I met up with some girls Friday night. We went to dinner and went to see the movie "Babies". It was a good movie. It was neat to see how the different cultures. Somethings that happened in the movie I would never in a million years think it is was "ok". But it them its is normal and how things are done! What is neat to see is how even though the babies are in different parts of the world and are in totally different cultures, they all go through the same milestones no matter how "horrible" their life setting is.
The movie documents the babies from birth to about their first birthday. Deric said it only opened in about 400 city across the U.S. I think it is worth seeing and want Deric to Netflix it.

Last night we went to our church's Saturday Night service. We usually don't attend church on Saturday night but Ms. Ana Kate was being dedicated. Ana Kate was so stinking cute. She will be 3 in August... we have the same birthday! She talked in the microphone a fews times and ended her dedication with a bow! Candace (her mom) said she had no idea where Ana Kate got the idea to bow from. She had never done that before. The funniest thing Ana Kate did was as soon as she got up on the stage she kept saying "Where Manda!!" and waving at me in the crowd. I of course loved every minute of it waving back.... I almost stood up so she would see me! I LOVE the fact that Ana Kate loves me.... she is so sweet and funny. She talks so much for only being 2 1\2 years old.

This picture is so blurry but it was a sweet moment!

Ana Kate doesn't drink out of a bottle.That is for a fundraiser at church she just wanted to hold the bottle!

I really enjoyed the service last night. The service last night brought tears to my eyes... the moment little Ana Kate's face was on the big screen and Candace talking about how they adopted her did me in. Also the music and sermon last night were wonderful. I think it helped that the setting was more intimate with only about 70 to 100 people at the service. We are used to Sunday mornings with about 1,000 people at our 9:30 service! I felt the Lord's presence last night.

In other news I am feeling MUCH better. Deric still feels yucky... allergies and stuffed up still. I have gotten all my flowers planted and I have plans for more!! LOL I think I add something every year! I am wanting to add some bushes in the side yard by our gate. It needs to look better over there... it is always a muddy mess. Here is picture of my new planter I showed you empty a few weeks ago. I love the way it looks at the front of the house. I will post pictures of my other flowers soon. I want them to get a bit bigger!! LOL

~Update on Divot~

If you know our family then you know Divot's love for a basketball..... It is the best toy ever for him. When we first moved into our house 3 1\2 years ago I gave Divot the basketball he stared and whined at. Little did I know it was a some what expensive basketball that Deric used. The ball goes with us when we go on trips with the dogs... I mean the thing entertains him for hours! The ball has seen better days. This is what it looks like 3 years later.
The ball doesn't even roll anymore. All Divot does is pick it up and run with it in his mouth. I felt bad and figured it was time for a new one. Deric had bought a new on for himself and he ended up donating that one to Divot! Div is in heaven he spends all day playing, he loves that the new one rolls!!! You can see how worn out he gets!! It is too funny.

I am planning on doing the hair tip of the week tonight. I will video it tonight and I am planing on posting it tomorrow. If you have curly hair you will like it and hopefully learn something new!!


  1. Thanks for the pictures! I copied and posted a few on my blog too...I really appreciate you taking them! Thanks for clarifying that Ana Kate doesn't drink out of bottle...I forgot she was holding that in the! Love your flowers and Divot is too cute!

  2. Divot you distroid that basket ball!! lol I wonder if remi would like that. Every new toy we get him he ends up ripping to shreds.

    I love the flowers! I keep wanting to do a little planting but I dont know where to start! Its overwhelming!

    Love you and miss you. Can't wait until you can have your very deserved mothers day! :)