Sunday, May 23, 2010


I am sure most of you have seen the "headband" braids and wondered how to get that look. Do you just want to know how to braid your own hair or your child's hair. Well this is the tip you have been searching for!! Hopefully I can help you out!

  First off you need to know there are two types of French Braids.  There is a traditional FB... which the hair sits even with the scalp. This is the braid what most of us grew up with. Inside out F.B is the other choice. The inside out braid is not all that different process. When you are  FB braiding hair the traditional way  you grab extra hair and add it to the top. Well, the inside out braid you add the extra hair to the bottom or "under" the hair. You will end up with this type of look

You can take this technique of braiding and do the headband braid... like this picture below. Most of my clients want to know how to get this look.

                           Here is a video of me braiding my hair as well as more braided styles.

If you have a little girl who won't sit still for you long enough to braid her hair. I have a few tips. Now I am no expert in child behavior but I have a few tricks I use when I am doing kid's hair. First, if she is so wiggly sit her on your counter right in front of the mirror. Kids love to watch themselves in the mirror, I think it helps them see what you are doing. If that isn't helping try feeding them a snack! I give snacks for all my wiggly clients.  I know I have a one up because I have the "cool" hair and all the gadgets to look at. One tool kids LOVE it the "tickle brush" . This is the big fluffy brush I use to clean the hair off the neck. Break out a bigger make-up brush. I swear the kiddos love it! If you can't get the mirror, snack trick , or brush to work, try getting someone else to play or read a book to them while you braid their hair. It will take time to get them used to you messing with their hair. Don't expect her to allow you to do it the first time, especially if she is a toddler who has never had her hair braided.   But most of all practice on a adult friend or yourself before you attempt it on child. They have no patiences for you to "figure" it out on their hair!

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