Thursday, February 16, 2012

Snow and Sweethearts

I have just been playing with Amelia every moment of the day. I can not get enough of her lately. She is just a doll and at such a fun stage! So there is my reasoning for not keeping up the blog. Even when she naps I could blog but I am either cleaning up messes, sewing, getting dinner around, or maybe even getting a shower in peace! Let me tell you the shower will last at least 20 minutes!

Our weeks have been a bit crazy. Deric was traveling for work  for a few days last week. So Amelia and I had some fun girl time. I decided I wanted to check out a few "gyms" for Amelia. She is so active now she needs to burn some energy.  Since she doesn't go to MDO or daycare she needed more play time with other toddlers. She goes to church nursery but doesn't always do so well so we have been really bad about going to church theses days. I think it is because the time we drop  her off is just about her lunch time and then nap. Plus we aren't going every Sunday so that throws her off. We need to work on that. :)

Anyhow, I took her to "Gymboree" first and she loved it! Amelia jumped right into the fun and had to be the center of attention. The very next day I took her to "Little Gym" she also had a wonderful time and knew what to do a little more so I think she had more fun. Little Gym is closer to our house but the monthly fee is a bit more and the open play times do not work with my work schedule so we went with Gymboree. Gymboree works great with my schedule and they even have a evening play time so Deric and I can take Amelia together some!

We didn't get to go this past Monday because we had a bit of a "snow" storm so the gym was closed. I say it like that because most of ya'll know I am from Indiana and this southern winter isn't really winter most of the time! Schools were closed and so was everything else in town for not even 3 inches of snow!  I did take the chance to get Amelia in her snowsuit and snap some photos. It was really cold out so we stayed outside for maybe 5 minutes! We bought her snowsuit while we were home for Christmas in case we had a big winter storm like last year. I don't think we will get it since it is now it is back n the 50's! It is fine with me!

Our Valentines Day was spent at home with the three of us! It was perfect! I made dinner for us and cheesecake for desert. Amelia and I got Deric a Kuerig.... he has wanted one forever and I figured it was time! Deric brought me home flowers and gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure! I am planning on using that next week when he get back from another business trip! I will need it!

We didn't really get anything for Amelia. She did get some things from her grandparents and her Aunt Jen. So I figured she was just fine. I did buy her these ADORABLE sparkley shoes!!! I couldn't resit. Not only do they fit her tiny feet but she can walk and run in them really well. I have had the hardest time finding cute shoes for her. She is just barley fitting into a size 3. They are a  bit big so she usually wears her size 2 shoes.
I made her a sensory box the day it snowed so I did buy her a few toys for her box.

All of these photos expect the snow one were taken with my iphone... I need to get better at taking photos with our real camera! I also got back Amelia's photos from her birthday photo shoot so I will post them later. Maybe this weekend! HA

Thursday, February 2, 2012


 I have been really slacking in the blogging department. But I have been enjoying every moment with our ONE YEAR OLD! Amelia has really grown up in the last couple of weeks. I can't believe how much she has turned into a toddler. It is very bittersweet!

I did however manage to whip up the cutest little jeans ever! I have had the material for a while and I knew I wanted to make these jeans. But  I knew I needed to wait until Amelia was walking really good. Because you can see the cuteness better! 

 I ordered Amelia's shirt from a local lady. She does a great job! She also did Amelia's first birthday shirt. I love that I can get away with dressing Amelia up however I want for now! I am sure she will look back at her photos and just roll her eyes at her outfits! We all did and still do!