Monday, July 30, 2012

Gigi and G-dad's house

Amelia and I finally made it to my parents after airport delays, a road block, and a screaming toddler who wanted out of the car!
Amelia did amazingly well at the airport waiting and waiting. She as usually was a great flyer this time too. It was only when we got back on the car after a stop for dinner. Poor girl was over tired and just screamed for me to hold her. Hard for a 18 month old to understand why I can hold her on the the plane but not in the car. :( She finally fell to sleep and didn't wake up until about 7 the next morning.
Here are a few iPhone pics of our week so far at m parents.

Friday, July 27, 2012


My first baby is 7 today!! I can't believe it! He may not be the center of attention but he is still very much loved! His little sister is pretty smitten with him. Divot is never to far from Amelia. They "play" together better each day.
Divot will always hold a special part in my heart. Not only is he MY dog but my parents bought him for me beforeD Deric and I got married. He is truly a great dog and still pretty cute in his old age! :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

18 Months

I know I am almost a week late with Amelia's 18 month update. I figured I should sit down at the computer and not my sewing machine at nap time today! :)
 Amelia is growing up so fast it is crazy. She is talking so much more every day and learning. I love watching her grow and learn everyday. She is still really sweet and pretty well mannered. However, we have been blessed to see what is ahead of us. Amelia can throw a fit these days. It usually doesn't last long thankfully. Mostly the fits happen out of frustration. She challenges herself a lot which I love but it can cause some major heart break. :)

We have have our issues with sharing too. I know that will come with time. We had a play date this morning and only had one fit and it didn't last long! We do the "timeout/calm-down time and it seems to be working really well. I usually make her count to 10 with me and then she can get up. I am sure she sits there more than a minute while we try to count without crying.

Amelia is still pretty tiny for 18 months old... I think. We go to the doctors on the 7th so I won't know exactly where she falls on the charts until then.
~I guess she weighs around 22.5 pounds.
~She is in size 4 diaper and the biggest setting on her cloth diapers.
~She is wearing 12 month clothes still. She has some 18 month shorts/skirts and they fall down all the time! ~She can wear a 18 month dress/top though.
~ She is in a size 4 shoe. Side note... shoes.... so hard to find cute comfy shoes for her. She needs open toed ones because it is 100 degrees out and for the fact she has smelly feet ( no joke). All the ones I can find are ones that have a thong between the toes and I think they all kinda hurt her after a while. We do have some squeaky shoes coming in the mail this week though! I hope she likes them.

~talking up a storm
~sings every song and thinks she know the right words. She makes up motions for every song too
~loves the water
~ eating okay... I wish she was a better eater but she gets a pretty balanced diet. Most of our issues is with getting enough protein.
~ great traveler. She now has Vegas on her list of places she has been. Plus, us girls are going to AL to see my parents at the end of this month! (I need to do a vegas post)
~She loves her books. She brings us the same one all the time. She "reads" them by herself too. She has a love of the "peek-a-boo" books

~favorite toy is her babies
~huge fan of the purple dino called 'barney"
~loves her some Elmo
~can spot an airplane like a boss... kid is crazy for them
~ calls herself  "me" when we ask her what her name is.
~ her list of words is crazy long  and she is saying 2 -3 word phrases now
~wants to pick out her outfit, shoes,hairbow, and now sunglasses  ;) DIVA

You are our the light of our lives. We couldn't be more proud of you. I can't believe that we get to be your parents. We love you to the moon and back, princess!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

We didn't make plans this year do we are hanging out at home. I am making tacos and we are going to try to stay cool. This 100+ degree weather can take a toll on you!
Here are some photos of the Diva sporting her red,white,and blue these past couple of days,

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bragging Rights

I have been wanting to do a post of all the crazy stuff Amelia has mastered. She blows are mind. I know some things are what she is suppose to be doing for her age but she does many things I think that is probably a few months ahead. Yes, I am her mom and love to talk her up and a bit bias on her. So beware of the bragging blog post.

 Amelia has done everything early. She rolled belly to back at just 2.5 weeks of age. She was sitting up at 6 months, crawling at 8 and took her first steps at 10 months. She has for sure kept us on our toes. :) She was talking pretty well at her 1st birthday but once she hit 14 months her vocablary spiked. She repeats everything we try to say. Most people who are around her can understand what she is trying to say. She is picking up on most every sign I teach her too. About 50% of the time she can pick out the colors blue, yellow, and pink. She will even point to the colors and say what it is. She is counting to 3.

The resent thing I have noticed she is going to her room and grabbing a books and "reading" them herself. She sits on the floor and just chats up a storm ,shakes her head, and points her finger in the air. She has her few favorite books and she knows what picture/words match up. For istance... "Go Dogs Go" book, when it gets to the stop light she yells "stop" then yells "GO GREEN DOG"! Once she see the ladder she says "Party". With the book "Are you my Mother" she shakes her head no and chats who know what until till she gets to the end and see the baby bird has found his mommy. TOO CUTE!

 The list of her vocabary grows everyday and makes my heart happy. I love how she will just go on and on with a converstion like you can understand everything she says. I have no clue who she gets her chattiness from ;). The best chatting is in the car... of course. The girl LOVES to sing. She is now asking to sing certian songs and will sign/say "more" before the song is even over. The best is the danceing that comes naturally along with the singing. Her newest thing when singing is going to Deric's office to stand in front of the closet doors to put on her show.I say it this way because I believe she likes going in there because she want us to lift the shade on the huge window so the street can see her.

 Her favorite is actng like all kinds of animals ex: cow,kitty,dogs, monkey, duck, birds. When she wants "Row Row Row your Boat" or "Patty Cake" she has to sit under the desk. NO clue why but it is a must on those songs. However, she will get the key words out when singing her favoirte songs. It is adorable. She has to snap her highchair, stroller, her baby's stroller by herself. Safety first. Amelia is such a little mommy. She is really sweet to her baby dolls and stuffed animals. Besides the fact she is only wants her babys to be naked. She really is a gentle soul. I know one day in time I will be getting after her all the time for throwing stuff to be gentle but for now I am thankful for her gentleness. 
Melia is so in love with our new neighbor friend. Emmy and her will be buddies one day
She has spent a few times in "calm down time". I call it that cause I feel like if I can teach her to take control over her emotions before they get out of hand that maybe we wont have much fit throwing. I could be wrong but it is worth a try. Potty time is getting better and better. She will go sit on her potty when I ask her too and usually will go. I haven't been hard core about it.. she is only a few weeks away from being 18months old. So she hasn't asked me yet to take her to the potty. Sometimes she will tell me after she has gone in her diaper so I know she is getting the hang of it. Everyone says "What a doll" or "She is just a joy". I say "she is a MESS". She is too smart for her own good. But we wouldn't have it any other way. She sure is a little ham and the light of our lives

 months old. So she hasn't asked me yet to take her to the potty. Sometimes she will tell me after she has gone in her diaper so I know she is gettig the hang of it. Everyone says "What a doll" or "She is just a joy". I say "she is a MESS". She is too smart for her own good. But we wouldn't have it anyother way. She sure is a little ham and the light of our lives

p.s I will update on our vacay to Vegas next time! I threw in some photos from our trip on this post!