Monday, July 23, 2012

18 Months

I know I am almost a week late with Amelia's 18 month update. I figured I should sit down at the computer and not my sewing machine at nap time today! :)
 Amelia is growing up so fast it is crazy. She is talking so much more every day and learning. I love watching her grow and learn everyday. She is still really sweet and pretty well mannered. However, we have been blessed to see what is ahead of us. Amelia can throw a fit these days. It usually doesn't last long thankfully. Mostly the fits happen out of frustration. She challenges herself a lot which I love but it can cause some major heart break. :)

We have have our issues with sharing too. I know that will come with time. We had a play date this morning and only had one fit and it didn't last long! We do the "timeout/calm-down time and it seems to be working really well. I usually make her count to 10 with me and then she can get up. I am sure she sits there more than a minute while we try to count without crying.

Amelia is still pretty tiny for 18 months old... I think. We go to the doctors on the 7th so I won't know exactly where she falls on the charts until then.
~I guess she weighs around 22.5 pounds.
~She is in size 4 diaper and the biggest setting on her cloth diapers.
~She is wearing 12 month clothes still. She has some 18 month shorts/skirts and they fall down all the time! ~She can wear a 18 month dress/top though.
~ She is in a size 4 shoe. Side note... shoes.... so hard to find cute comfy shoes for her. She needs open toed ones because it is 100 degrees out and for the fact she has smelly feet ( no joke). All the ones I can find are ones that have a thong between the toes and I think they all kinda hurt her after a while. We do have some squeaky shoes coming in the mail this week though! I hope she likes them.

~talking up a storm
~sings every song and thinks she know the right words. She makes up motions for every song too
~loves the water
~ eating okay... I wish she was a better eater but she gets a pretty balanced diet. Most of our issues is with getting enough protein.
~ great traveler. She now has Vegas on her list of places she has been. Plus, us girls are going to AL to see my parents at the end of this month! (I need to do a vegas post)
~She loves her books. She brings us the same one all the time. She "reads" them by herself too. She has a love of the "peek-a-boo" books

~favorite toy is her babies
~huge fan of the purple dino called 'barney"
~loves her some Elmo
~can spot an airplane like a boss... kid is crazy for them
~ calls herself  "me" when we ask her what her name is.
~ her list of words is crazy long  and she is saying 2 -3 word phrases now
~wants to pick out her outfit, shoes,hairbow, and now sunglasses  ;) DIVA

You are our the light of our lives. We couldn't be more proud of you. I can't believe that we get to be your parents. We love you to the moon and back, princess!

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