Sunday, March 27, 2011

Picture Post

Not much going on in the Bidwell house. My first week back to work went well. Amelia was a good day both days with Candace. Yesterday, was Daddy day! Amelia was a good girl for her daddy which was good because I ended up working longer than what I expected. Needless to say I am glad it is the weekend and we can all be home together! I missed my girl so much!

Amelia wore her first pair of jean this week! She had to wear them with a cloth diaper because her little bum doesn't really fit in them yet. She is a skinny little thing! So don't let those cheeks fool ya! Speaking of cloth diapers, Amelia has been wearing them for the last couple of weeks while we are home! I am loving them and they aren't that much more work!

This girl and her sweet Daddy are the light of my life! I am blessed to have them both!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just cause...

Because my mommy thinks I am pretty cute!

Have a god day!!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We did it!

Today started off real rough. I may have sob in the shower. :) But as the day went on I was feeling a bit better. I really feel like all those prayers and good thoughts worked. I felt a peace of calm as I drove to drop Amelia off.
As soon as I got to Candace's Amelia was asleep. She didnt sleep long. She has been doing that lately. Naps only maybe 40 mins then wakes up and will dose off again. Anyhow, Ana Kate was all smiles when Amelia got there. She told Candace this morning that Amelia was her baby sister! She also kept telling Candace she wanted a baby at her house! Lol Cute girl!
Amelia had a great day and didn't cry hardly at all. So that makes me happy! She must have felt comfortable there! Candace even had a pack in play out for Amelia!
I had a client no show me today... Nice uh? I was ticked! I had about 12 other clients who would have loved that spot! So since I had almost 2 hours of down time I called back some clients and went and got Amelia! I had a haircut at 5 so I just took her with me to the salon and Deric came and got her.
I thought for sure I would get a sweet smile flashed at me when I picked her up. Oh no.... Not one smile maybe a little smirk! Oh well, she sleepy so I won't take it to hard! Although Candace started talking to her and she flashed a huge smile to her!! Lol But as I left their house This afternoon I did shred some tears but I held it together. I didn't cry at all durning work. Thanks to all of you who said a little prayer for me today!! It went so much better than what I thought! I just of course talked about her the WHOLE time! Oh and showed everyone ton of pictures! My station is covered with pics of our princess! :)

Here is a pic I snapped on my phone before I left Amelia with Candace.

Here is another pic I snapped while I was gettin ready for work. This girl loves her bouncy seat!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time is Up

Here it is... maternity leave over. To be honest I don't know what I am going to do tomorrow. I  know as I know my own name I will not be thinking about hair. I kinda feel sorry for my clients tomorrow. I have a full book tomorrow so hopefully I will just stay super busy. I have very mixed feelings about going back to work.
I thought I would be one of those mom's who wanted to work.... then maybe work part time. But now the more I think about it (all day long) the more I could just stay home with my girl and be totally ok with it.
I am usually getting ready for bed right now or in bed but I can't seem to get myself to go in the room. I don't want today to end because that means tomorrow I am away from Amelia. I am sure so many of you moms know what I am going thru...... right now it feels like pure hell. I am crying just thinking about dropping her off and driving away.
The times I have left Amelia, she just cries and cries.The main thing that I worry about is that when Amelia gets mad she gets MAD.... and it takes her awhile to calm down. Thankfully these moments don't happen very often. Mostly when she is sleepy or not feeling well. I am so afraid she isn't going to be good for Candace. Sweet Candace is keeping Amelia for us. She is such a wonderful friend and a great Mommy. I know she will be great to Amelia. I just hope Amelia can figure that out. Little A is such a momma's girl. Deric will pick her up and keep her for about 2 more hours. He is such a good daddy..... they will be fine.

I am only working part time thankfully. Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturday. I am not sure if I could handle anymore than that. Shoot, I don't even know if I can handle those three days!
I am not sure I can write that much more because I feel a good sob coming on...... just say a little prayer for me tomorrow. I am working 1 to about 7 tomorrow. The longest I have ever been away from our girl.

No, I don't have a picture to post tonight..... sorry.  I am sure I will have some of  tomorrow

Friday, March 18, 2011

2 Months

Amelia is 2 months old... yesterday. I know I keep saying that time is flying by but it is so true. I am not ready for  you to get any bigger!
 Your Two Month Old stats

~ You weigh 8 pounds 14 ounces
~ You are 20 inches long... tiny girl
~You had to get 3 shots at your 2 month Well Baby Checkup. You cried for a little bit. But you were super sleepy and bit grumpy all day yesterday after your doctors appointment.
~You have been fighting a stuffy nose. It is either caused by allergies or a cold. Not really for sure. 
~You are wearing some newborn outfits still but mostly 0-3 months. The 3 month clothes are still a bit big
~ I just moved you up to size 1 diapers. 
~Yes, you are wearing disposable diapers still because you are tiny! Your cloth diapers come up so far on your belly you can't bend at the waist. Your Daddy and I feel bad for you when you are in a cloth diaper!
~You still are nursing really well about every 3 hours during the day.
~You will drink 4 to 5 oz of  breastmilk out of a bottle. 
~You sleep usually from 9pm to around 3 or 4am then back to sleep till 7am! But sometimes you make it all through the night. This makes momma so happy!! 
~You are such a happy baby... you are the happiest in the morning
~Love to be talked and sang to
~You  have started to smile really big and coo at us.
~Your blue eyes are just sparkle all day.... I love  your eyes!
~You are loving your bath time but still hate lotion being applied
~ You like tummy time but haven't rolled over in awhile.
~Your favorite time is when we are out and about..... You get that from your momma!

~Your Aunt Jen and Uncle Blake came to see you. Blake thinks you are pretty sweet. You seemed to really like both of them. They love you to pieces.
~Next week will be your first time you will be babysat.... Mommy is having a hard time with this.
~You LOVE your Daddy! Every time he comes home you get so happy. You smile and talk to him so much.You probably like looking at someone other than me!
~The pups are loving you more and more. Divot is protective over you. He doesn't let you to far out of his site. Birdie napped/snuggled with you on the couch all day yesterday. It was the first time she got that close to you!
~ You sometimes nap in your crib but lately you think you need to be held during  naps.
~ I am going to start putting you in your crib at bedtime but if you wake up in the night you will come in our room.

I know these next photos are pretty bad quality... but they are kinda funny. I had to share them. The lighting was horrible by the time we took pictures of Amelia. And well she had was OVER tired and sick of the photo shoot! We ended up taking this last night and I knew Amelia still wasn't feeling well due to her shots earlier in the day.

Paci out... world comes to an end!

"I'll just go to sleep, maybe they will leave me alone"

"Or they will just lay me down and still take photos...... parents"

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We had Amelia's 2 month Well Baby check up today. It went well and she had to get some shots. So needless to say she is a bit grumpy and has a low fever due to the shots. I am holding off on her 2 month post till tomorrow. I am sure she is NOT in the mood for a photo shoot and changing clothes! She is nice a snuggled up in pjs. She has not wanted to be put down all day. So I have gotten nothing done today, but I don't mind, as long as my baby girl is happy. She seemed really happy right when we got home so I hurried and snapped some pictures of her in her St. Patty's outfit. Trust me that sweet smile didn't last long. She was ready for a long nap!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

iPhone pictures

We had to say goodbye to my sister and BIL this morning. We had a great time with them both. I am so thankful for my relationship with my sister. The older we get the better friends we become. We got along as kids/teens but we are much closer now as adults.

I am pretty sure Blake and Jen are just in love with their little niece. Blake had to pack up Jen's stuff and basically dragged her out of our house this morning. They joked they were going to steal her it. I reminded her Amelia wouldn't last too long... The girl won't take formula unless it is mixed with breast-milk! Jen would have one grumpy baby on her hands!

I found these baby leg warmers at Target when we were out shopping. Jen and I dressed her in them yesterday after we got home for the day.
We went to lunch and walked around down town then headed to Home Depot. Blake installed a diaper sprayer for me!!! I am SOOO happy about this! I no longer will have to clean poo out of diapers under the bathtub faucet!! Amelia isn't in her cloth diapers all the time yet. They are still big on her....poor girl cant bend at the waist very well when she has them on!!
And you can see by the picture below this baby loves to sit up!

She is so strong! She will hold her head up for a long time. She has started to try to pull herself up while she is laying down on her back.

Tomorrow bright and early is Amelia's 2 month well baby check-up. I can nor believe how fast time is flying by. I start back to work next week... Which will be another post. I will tear up if I think about it too much!

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aunt Jen Visits

My sister and her husband, Blake, got here on Friday.We have been enjoying their company. Amelia is soaking up all the attention Jen and Blake are giving her. Although Amelia has been a bit more fussy than usual and wants to be held all the time. I am sure it is due to the fact she isn't feeling her best. She hasn't been running a fever but I think she may have a slight cold.

We have just been hanging out mostly. Us girls went shopping Saturday it was such a beautiful day. The guys went to the driving range. Saturday night we went out for dinner... of course we all wanted Mexican! Sunday we all woke up and Deric wasn't feeling very good. He stayed home after we ate breakfast and the rest of us went back out to do some more shopping and returns from Saturday. We got home and Deric was feeling a little better so we all went out for pizza and bowling. We haven't been bowling in forever... It was so much fun!

Amelia did so good both days. She just hangs out in her in carseat. What can I say the girl loves to be out and about!!
Amelia had a blast watching us bowl. she was all smiles. She loved looking at all the lights I am sure and she doesn't seem to mind looking at her Daddy... check that sweet smile out!

Monday morning Jen, Amelia and I had the chance to go listen to Michelle Duggar speak. For those who doesn't know her, she and her family have a show on TLC's "19 Kids and Counting". The family lives in NWA which is really neat.  I have met Michelle one other time last fall. Anyhow, Michelle spoke at a MOPS meeting. I have started to go to MOPS with my friend Candace. I am going to join the group. It is such a great way to be around other Christian moms with small children. Michelle was so sweet and so soft spoken. She even had some of her older girls with her. The girls played their violins before Michelle spoke. After the meeting Michelle stayed so we could all meet her and speak to her. Of course I wasn't going to let the photo opt down! Jen and I stood in line to wait to get our photo. Michelle remembered me from the last time I met her! I thought that was really neat! She also told me my little Amelia was just BEAUTIFUL!! 
(Yes, Amelia has on her very cute rain boots. She may  have wanted to splash in the rain puddles)

Here is Candace with Michelle. She didn't have her camera so I took one of her with mine!
Michelle is so pretty and tiny! She is so short... she even had a little heel on her shoes!

Today we area just hanging around the house. Blake is going to install my diaper sprayer today! I am so pumped about that!  I am sure we will be taking LOTS of photos of Amelia and her Aunt and Uncle today! Tomorrow Jen and Blake are leaving but we will see them next month again!! YAY!! We will miss seeing Aunt Jen every month!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fixed it!

So I have just spent a few hours resizing my all my pictures. So now I have learned a hard lesson to scale down the pixels for the blog!! I just hope the pictures still look ok through the blog. But I would rather have ok looking photos than none! The pictures with our new camera take up too much of the allowed space. It never hit me that I needed to scaled them down for the blog until Deric told me! Opps! Now I have more than 1\2 of the allowed spaced freed up so  I am good to go!

 Thanks for the advice on the thermometers!

Sick Slaker

 I am sorry I have bee slacking. But I have come down with a bad sinus infection over the weekend. I decided Monday  morning to call our family doctor. I knew I didn't feel well and probably had a fever too. When I got to the doctor'f office I had a fever of 101.2. I couldn't believe it was that high. So far I think Amelia and Deric are fine. I just hope and pray I don't give it to either of them. I keep checking Amelia's temp. It is so hard to when they are that little. We have a pacifier thermometer but she doesn't like the nipple on it so she wont suck on it. So I just use the regular one  under her arm.  I thought about buying one of those head ones... you just slide it over the forehead. They are 50 bucks.... are they worth it?? Who has one for their little ones???

We took this photos over the weekend but I haven't posted them yet.

This is what happens when you take her paci away for too long!

Ok... now I am mad! I keep being told I have run out of room for pictures. It wont let me upload anymore! I am going to have to buy more space or deleted some others. Which I am not wanting to delete any because I will loose them off of my blog completely. We will have to figure it out. Because I have more pictures!!

What do other bloggers do when they run out of space??

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lunch date

This week has been a bit busy for little A and I. March 1st was my good friend, Bea's. Birthday. So we met her for a celebration dinner along with Robin. We had a good time chatting and the ladies were enjoying Amelia.

Then on Wednesday we had a lunch date with Alicia and Greyson. Little Greyson was born the same day as Amelia. I have a feeling we will have lots of play dates as the babies grow! I love spending time with Alicia. I met her through my co-worker,Lori. Alicia is her sweet daughter-in-law.

Today we have just hung out at home. Amelia has been a bit on the grumpy side today. I think her belly is giving her troubles. I think it is just built up gas in there. I think the drops I gave her are helping. Poor girl... I may need to reduce my veggie intake a little more. She did take a good afternoon nap after fighting sleep for a few hours. While she was napping I got one dress made for Farrah.

On another note our little Princess slept through the night on Tuesday!! She fell asleep at 8:30pm and didn't wake up till 7am!! I was one happy momma! I did wake up in a stir at 4am to check on her. She was sound asleep and kinda got annoyed that I poked at her to make sure she was ok!!
I figured it was just a one night deal. I was right! She woke up once last night. That is her normal. She wakes up between 2 and 3am to nurse. But goes right back to sleep. :)

I had been a bit of a bad mommy this week! I have only taken a few pictures of Lil A and they all have been on my phone! So here is one last picture that will surely make you smile!

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