Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We had Amelia's 2 month Well Baby check up today. It went well and she had to get some shots. So needless to say she is a bit grumpy and has a low fever due to the shots. I am holding off on her 2 month post till tomorrow. I am sure she is NOT in the mood for a photo shoot and changing clothes! She is nice a snuggled up in pjs. She has not wanted to be put down all day. So I have gotten nothing done today, but I don't mind, as long as my baby girl is happy. She seemed really happy right when we got home so I hurried and snapped some pictures of her in her St. Patty's outfit. Trust me that sweet smile didn't last long. She was ready for a long nap!


  1. What a cutie! She looks good in green! xoxo

  2. What a cute outfit... and it looks great on your sweet girl! :)