Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fixed it!

So I have just spent a few hours resizing my all my pictures. So now I have learned a hard lesson to scale down the pixels for the blog!! I just hope the pictures still look ok through the blog. But I would rather have ok looking photos than none! The pictures with our new camera take up too much of the allowed space. It never hit me that I needed to scaled them down for the blog until Deric told me! Opps! Now I have more than 1\2 of the allowed spaced freed up so  I am good to go!

 Thanks for the advice on the thermometers!


  1. Oh no... my heart sank when I read your picture problem. I'm so glad you've fixed it though. I really hope it doesn't happen to me too since I'm getting more into blogging now.

    Amelia is adorable by the way! :)

  2. Amelia is precious! love that bow! :)

    your blog is adorable! So glad that i found you! come see me...

  3. Yay!! More pictures for Auntie Jen! I get to see you guys TOMORROW!!!!! xoxoxo

  4. Amelia is getting a little belly!

  5. crap...I didn't know you could run out of space. Mine always gives me the option of having them small, medium, large or original size. I generally just put them up as small.
    she's a cutie! Feel better!!