Sunday, March 27, 2011

Picture Post

Not much going on in the Bidwell house. My first week back to work went well. Amelia was a good day both days with Candace. Yesterday, was Daddy day! Amelia was a good girl for her daddy which was good because I ended up working longer than what I expected. Needless to say I am glad it is the weekend and we can all be home together! I missed my girl so much!

Amelia wore her first pair of jean this week! She had to wear them with a cloth diaper because her little bum doesn't really fit in them yet. She is a skinny little thing! So don't let those cheeks fool ya! Speaking of cloth diapers, Amelia has been wearing them for the last couple of weeks while we are home! I am loving them and they aren't that much more work!

This girl and her sweet Daddy are the light of my life! I am blessed to have them both!


  1. what awesome smiley pictures!! She is such a darling. My friend's daughter that I'm here helping with was only 5 pounds but is a STRONG and squirmy little thing. She likes to squirm out of her swaddles, and her diapers! I totally understand the skinny butt syndrome lol. She's a doll though!

  2. She looks so much like Deric but with Big eyes!! The pictures are to cute Manda, I am happy to hear you are all fine.I cant wait to see you all. Oh what a great picture the pups with her...Love ya lots

  3. Ok Mommy, you haven't posted since Sunday....Auntie Jen needs her Mia fix!