Monday, April 4, 2011

Girls Weekend

A week ago today Deric started a new job. He is still with the JB Hunt he just moved groups. He was so happy to get to move groups. He wasn't happy with his old position so it was a huge blessing when he was asked to move to another group. He started last Monday and by Thursday he was headed to Vegas for work. This new area he will be working in does require some travel. We sure did miss him while he was gone. He got home Sunday afternoon. He said he really enjoyed the trip you can read about it on his blog!

When I found out he was going to travel I asked my good friend Val to come stay with Amelia and I. I knew I needed a sitter for Saturday while I worked and I knew Val would jump all over that! We had such a great time with her. She came over Thursday night after she got off of work and stayed until Sunday afternoon.
Thursday we just hung out and played with Amelia. Friday we both worked and I had MOPS. Candace just took Amelia with her after MOPS until I got done with work about 4. After I picked up Amelia we came home and waited for Val to get off of work. We headed out to dinner at P.F.Chang's for dinner and then hit Target for some shopping! Dinner was great, I haven't eaten there in forever. Amelia was perfect and just hung out in her carseat while we ate. While at dinner we got planning our project we planned on doing. I wanted to make a headboard for the guest bedroom. The room is kinda blah and I wanted to brighten it up. After getting Amelia's nursery done I have had the itch to tackle another project!
Saturday, I worked and when I got home we all jumped in the truck and headed to JoAnn's Fabric. We had one open in Fayetteville a while ago and I hadn't gone yet. We found some really cute fabric not only for the headboard but for other projects as well! Before we headed home we stop for dinner at "Burger for Life", it was so YUMMY! We sat outside and ate it was so beautiful out!! Amelia loved taking her afternoon nap outside!

We got started on the headboard right away and it didnt' take long at all and looks soooo good! I love it! I was glad it was so easy to do. I don't know why I have waited for so long before I did it!

This morning while Amelia was napping I threw some pillows together. I am also plan on doing some curtains and rearranging the room. A dresser needs to come out of there and the bed moved around. So when I am all the way done I will post pictures of the finished project! But I have a great head start!

Sunday we woke up had pancakes and headed up to the salon so I could do Val's hair. I colored, trimmed and gave her some rocking bangs! I was jealous of her bangs so I cut mine too! I loved them when I did it the last time so I thought I should try it again! When we got home from the shop we had a photo session with Amelia outside because it was 81 degrees out and she was looking mighty cute!! I had to get her all dressed up to head to the airport to get Daddy!

Hope ya'll enjoyed a beautiful weekend! We are sure glad Daddy is home from his trip but we had a great time with Auntie Val!!!


  1. Great job sis! I LOVE the fabric choice. That will really brighten up the room and give it some life. B made our guest headboard this weekend too! I still need to distress and paint it. We are getting ready for your big visit. :) Amelia looks so cute in her outfits! From the pictures, it looks like she is focusing a little more than a few weeks ago. Can't wait to give her kisses again. Love you guys! xoxoxo

  2. P.S. I can't view deric's blog

  3. looks like a GREAT weekend! :) and i love that headboard! i can't remember if i'm supposed to rsvp for amelia's celebration but we are planning on coming!