Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trip part 2

Be prepared for another picture overload on this post. We really took advantage of capturing pictures while we were home. I am getting better at taking photos with our new camera. Although, I do usually edit them a bit.
I left off telling you last post that we had a little party after church. I was REALLY bad at taking photos of everyone who was there. We did however get a few really good ones of Amelia's future husband! Ethan, is our friends little boy who is just about too cute for words! Justin, who is E-Man's daddy, has been best friends with Deric since they were in grade school.   Deric and Justin are still such great friends. He also had a lot of do with Deric and I meeting for the first time, so we pretty much love him!

This is one of my good friends, Aimee. I worked with her at a salon back in Indiana and we became fast friends. I was so happy she got to meet Amelia! Aimee has a little boy, Jaxson, who is pretty cute and growing up so very fast! He didn't know what to think about his "Aunt Mimi" having a baby. He didn't want much to do with her, but when you are almost 6 you got better things to do! Aimee and Jax came to Amelia's party after church and then we saw Aimee again later in the week when we visited the salon.

Of course, Amelia's cousin still couldn't get enough of her. Amelia was in the spotlight the whole trip!

 Her Aunt Kim and Uncle Brent along with Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Linda loved on our princess as much as they could too!

We headed back to Bloomington on Monday evening. We were flying home Tuesday so we wanted to spend some more time with my sister and Blake. Blake was in class on Tuesday but joined us after lunch and walked the IU campus. Indiana University is such a beautiful place. I have never been there before so I was so happy we had time to walk around a bit. The day was pretty cloudy and looked like it could rain any minute but thankfully it didn't. I am loving these pictures we got! I am amazed on how well the lighting was in most of them.

love A's face in this!

sending a pic to GiGi (my mom)

love our little family

sweet face for Auntie Jen

pretty sure this girl is cutting teeth already

proud Aunt and Uncle

We are so thankful that our little princess is so loved by all of our family. She is definitely spoiled... but how can you not help but spoil her! Just look at that sweet face!

I am going to take Amelia's 3 month post pictures this weekend. After I get them I will do her 3 month post. I still can not believe I am already having to do her 3 month update!

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  1. oh my goodness! i cannot believe she is 3 months already! when i read that she was cutting teeth already, my first thought was "not possible. she's way too little." but i guess not! my how time flies :)