Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trip Home, Birthday, and Baptized

We have been busy around here. We took off Thursday morning to head to Indiana. We had decided to go home for my FIL 70th bday which was Saturday. Happy Birthday, Jerry! We also thought it would be a wonderful time to baptize little A!
I am going to do this trip in a couple post because I have pictures galore! All three of us had to be out the door at 5am to make our flight time out of Tulsa. It was a easy drive there and we had plenty of time to get to our first flight. We did have a layover in Houston, which we barley made. We didn't have much of a layover and then they changed gates on us. So running through an airport with a 3 month old isn't fun at all! But I am glad we made it in enough time. Speaking of flights Amelia did WONDERFUL on both flights! She was sleeping at takeoff and landing both flights! It was so nice. She woke up during flight but was a happy baby girl!
This photo is from my phone... but here she is on her very first plane ride!

We landed in Indy which is close to my sister and BIL. Blake (BIL) picked us up and we headed to their house in Bloomington. Blake is in law school at IU and we haven't had a chance to go to their house until this trip! My left ear was killing me, ever since we landed in Indy my ear was still plugged. I think Amelia's ears were hurting too because as soon as we got to Aunt Jen's, Amelia just cried and cried. She wouldn't let anyone but her MOMMA hold her. I made the mistake by running to the store with my sister after I fed Little A and Deric called me telling me she had been screaming since I left! She seemed to be better Friday morning and not as mommy girl.We used my sister's car and headed 4 hours north to my in-laws house early afternoon.

We got to their house just shorty after our niece and nephew got home from school. My in-laws drive school bus as well as farmers. So it worked out great that they just rode the bus to G-ma and G-pa's house! Nikohl was just beside herself! She couldn't wait to get to hold Amelia. Nikohl LOVES her baby cousin. Nate loves her too, he favorite thing was to get her to smile and coo at him! Amelia has some sweet cousins who just adore her! Nate even read her a book!

Kim, my SIL, is just in love with her niece. Amelia was a little scared when we first got to the house but after a few hours she warmed up to everyone. Kim did finally get to hold and snuggle little A. But not for long because Kohl stood right there breathing down your neck! Kohl wanted Amelia all the time and didn't much care for others to hold her! SO SWEET! She even helped me get Amelia ready for bed one night!

Saturday was Jerry's birthday. The whole family was going to eat lunch at "Das Dutch Essenhaus House". Which is a Amish restaurant and so very good. We did the family style lunch so trust me when I say we ate a TON of yummy food!

Amelia looked so cute and was so good at lunch. She slept the whole time until we were served desert. I had to go nurse Amelia so after I was done g-ma and g-pa played with Amelia until I was done eating my pie! I wasn't going to miss out on a slice of Amish pie!

Sunday was a big day for my little family. We had the honor of getting our baby girl baptized. The day was so special for us. Amelia was not only baptized in the church we got married in and her daddy was baptized in but her gown was made out of my wedding dress. I will also mention it was on her 3rd month birthday! My aunt made Amelia's gown, she did a great job! I loved everything about it. I wanted it to look just like a tiny version of my wedding dress and it did!Amelia did a great job during the service. She was even cooing and smiling at Pastor Tews the whole time! I think I caught myself giggling and not listening once! I was just amazed at how well she did during the whole service!

My sister(right), Jen and my SIL were Amelia's sponsors .
I was so happy to have both of our sisters be a part of Amelia's special day!

Then after picture time my mother in law, Linda, hosted a little luncheon at church for our families/friends. This was a perfect time for everyone to see and meet little A. I was afraid Amelia would be a momma's girl again but she did great! She was passed around all day and didn't seem to mind it at all! I think she liked being held ALL THE TIME! We are now teaching her that she doesn't need to be held 24/7!

We had a wonderful time back in Indiana but it was also bittersweet. We got to spend all of our time my in-laws but we didn't get to see my parents. My parents moved to GA about 2 weeks after Amelia was born. My dad got a wonderful career offer and they couldn't pass it up. They couldn't make the trip to Indiana but my mom is going to come to us and get to spend a whole week with her granddaughter! They were so sad that they didn't make the trip but I told mom not to worry because when she comes here Amelia will be all hers! My mom liked the thought of not having to share Amelia with anyone! She misses our girl so much it just kills her.

I will do another post of the rest of our trip and Amelia's 3 month post.But I don't want this one to get any longer than what it already is!! But I will leave you with some other photos we snapped on Saturday and Sunday!

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  1. What beautiful pictures! I was wondering how she did on the flight. Did you breast feed her during take off and landing? I've heard from moms that the sucking/swallowing helps to clear up their ears. I had an ear that wouldn't pop as well and when it did I thought my ear drum had exploded. It was INSANELY painful. Now I always have gum and clear my ears constantly and try to take decongestants if I'm at all stuffy, as I never want that to happen again!

    Does your church have God parents? I remember I
    wasn't baptized till I was 8 (b/c we converted to Catholicism) and I got to pick mine, which was fun.

    I'm so glad that your dad had such a good career opportunity. He is in the same field as my dad and I know how difficult it is right now. Where in GA are they? How is your mom dealing with finding new friends and settling into a new community? I know how hard that is...I've moved so much in my life, and it was always super hard on my mom to find friends and settle in.

    I'm so glad Amelia was such an angel for everyone! She is adorable and I love the smiles.