Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Since I have gotten my iphone I have been taking a video of Amelia almost everyday! I can't help it... she is too cute. Well, I have been bad about sharing them. So here are two that I have uploaded to "YouTube".

Trust me I have plenty more to share, but I won't overdo it all at once! Yes, I know the video is a bit hard to see. I have been told by Deric to turn the phone while I tape. I guess I didn't realize it would have the black bars along each side. I mean it doesn't look like that while I am taking the video so how would I know! I will put a mental note in for the future.


  1. Her eyes seem bigger! So cute!

  2. I just found your blog and I think you are friends with some of my friends here in NWA! Your sweet little Amelia is PRECIOUS! It makes me miss an ittly bitty baby girl!

  3. Your baby is SOOOO cute! I love your blog & I'm a new follower (: