Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We did it!

Today started off real rough. I may have sob in the shower. :) But as the day went on I was feeling a bit better. I really feel like all those prayers and good thoughts worked. I felt a peace of calm as I drove to drop Amelia off.
As soon as I got to Candace's Amelia was asleep. She didnt sleep long. She has been doing that lately. Naps only maybe 40 mins then wakes up and will dose off again. Anyhow, Ana Kate was all smiles when Amelia got there. She told Candace this morning that Amelia was her baby sister! She also kept telling Candace she wanted a baby at her house! Lol Cute girl!
Amelia had a great day and didn't cry hardly at all. So that makes me happy! She must have felt comfortable there! Candace even had a pack in play out for Amelia!
I had a client no show me today... Nice uh? I was ticked! I had about 12 other clients who would have loved that spot! So since I had almost 2 hours of down time I called back some clients and went and got Amelia! I had a haircut at 5 so I just took her with me to the salon and Deric came and got her.
I thought for sure I would get a sweet smile flashed at me when I picked her up. Oh no.... Not one smile maybe a little smirk! Oh well, she sleepy so I won't take it to hard! Although Candace started talking to her and she flashed a huge smile to her!! Lol But as I left their house This afternoon I did shred some tears but I held it together. I didn't cry at all durning work. Thanks to all of you who said a little prayer for me today!! It went so much better than what I thought! I just of course talked about her the WHOLE time! Oh and showed everyone ton of pictures! My station is covered with pics of our princess! :)

Here is a pic I snapped on my phone before I left Amelia with Candace.

Here is another pic I snapped while I was gettin ready for work. This girl loves her bouncy seat!

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  1. You did it! I loved talking to you yesterday. The next time will be easier! xoxoxo

  2. Ana Kate is having a grand old time with her! Awesome. They are going to be such awesome friends