Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aunt Jen Visits

My sister and her husband, Blake, got here on Friday.We have been enjoying their company. Amelia is soaking up all the attention Jen and Blake are giving her. Although Amelia has been a bit more fussy than usual and wants to be held all the time. I am sure it is due to the fact she isn't feeling her best. She hasn't been running a fever but I think she may have a slight cold.

We have just been hanging out mostly. Us girls went shopping Saturday it was such a beautiful day. The guys went to the driving range. Saturday night we went out for dinner... of course we all wanted Mexican! Sunday we all woke up and Deric wasn't feeling very good. He stayed home after we ate breakfast and the rest of us went back out to do some more shopping and returns from Saturday. We got home and Deric was feeling a little better so we all went out for pizza and bowling. We haven't been bowling in forever... It was so much fun!

Amelia did so good both days. She just hangs out in her in carseat. What can I say the girl loves to be out and about!!
Amelia had a blast watching us bowl. she was all smiles. She loved looking at all the lights I am sure and she doesn't seem to mind looking at her Daddy... check that sweet smile out!

Monday morning Jen, Amelia and I had the chance to go listen to Michelle Duggar speak. For those who doesn't know her, she and her family have a show on TLC's "19 Kids and Counting". The family lives in NWA which is really neat.  I have met Michelle one other time last fall. Anyhow, Michelle spoke at a MOPS meeting. I have started to go to MOPS with my friend Candace. I am going to join the group. It is such a great way to be around other Christian moms with small children. Michelle was so sweet and so soft spoken. She even had some of her older girls with her. The girls played their violins before Michelle spoke. After the meeting Michelle stayed so we could all meet her and speak to her. Of course I wasn't going to let the photo opt down! Jen and I stood in line to wait to get our photo. Michelle remembered me from the last time I met her! I thought that was really neat! She also told me my little Amelia was just BEAUTIFUL!! 
(Yes, Amelia has on her very cute rain boots. She may  have wanted to splash in the rain puddles)

Here is Candace with Michelle. She didn't have her camera so I took one of her with mine!
Michelle is so pretty and tiny! She is so short... she even had a little heel on her shoes!

Today we area just hanging around the house. Blake is going to install my diaper sprayer today! I am so pumped about that!  I am sure we will be taking LOTS of photos of Amelia and her Aunt and Uncle today! Tomorrow Jen and Blake are leaving but we will see them next month again!! YAY!! We will miss seeing Aunt Jen every month!


  1. Awesome...so awesome. I'm jealous that you've met Michelle twice! My friend wanted to do a road trip to SWA just to see her. Amelia is getting so big, and is so adorable!!

  2. oh yes, and it is so nice to see Jen and Blake :) How are they doing?

  3. How neat is that... I love 19 kids and counting! Amelia is adorable with those rainboats on too!

  4. I will miss seeing you guys every month too! We might have to try to do make it down there every few months. I'm sad that I will miss so many of her "firsts." You and Deric do a wonderful job keeping us connected with your photos and videos.

    We did get your colds.....both of us woke up this morning with congestion and sore throats!

    Now the countdown begins to April 14th! Love you guys! xoxoxo

    P.S. we look pretty cute in these photos!