Friday, March 18, 2011

2 Months

Amelia is 2 months old... yesterday. I know I keep saying that time is flying by but it is so true. I am not ready for  you to get any bigger!
 Your Two Month Old stats

~ You weigh 8 pounds 14 ounces
~ You are 20 inches long... tiny girl
~You had to get 3 shots at your 2 month Well Baby Checkup. You cried for a little bit. But you were super sleepy and bit grumpy all day yesterday after your doctors appointment.
~You have been fighting a stuffy nose. It is either caused by allergies or a cold. Not really for sure. 
~You are wearing some newborn outfits still but mostly 0-3 months. The 3 month clothes are still a bit big
~ I just moved you up to size 1 diapers. 
~Yes, you are wearing disposable diapers still because you are tiny! Your cloth diapers come up so far on your belly you can't bend at the waist. Your Daddy and I feel bad for you when you are in a cloth diaper!
~You still are nursing really well about every 3 hours during the day.
~You will drink 4 to 5 oz of  breastmilk out of a bottle. 
~You sleep usually from 9pm to around 3 or 4am then back to sleep till 7am! But sometimes you make it all through the night. This makes momma so happy!! 
~You are such a happy baby... you are the happiest in the morning
~Love to be talked and sang to
~You  have started to smile really big and coo at us.
~Your blue eyes are just sparkle all day.... I love  your eyes!
~You are loving your bath time but still hate lotion being applied
~ You like tummy time but haven't rolled over in awhile.
~Your favorite time is when we are out and about..... You get that from your momma!

~Your Aunt Jen and Uncle Blake came to see you. Blake thinks you are pretty sweet. You seemed to really like both of them. They love you to pieces.
~Next week will be your first time you will be babysat.... Mommy is having a hard time with this.
~You LOVE your Daddy! Every time he comes home you get so happy. You smile and talk to him so much.You probably like looking at someone other than me!
~The pups are loving you more and more. Divot is protective over you. He doesn't let you to far out of his site. Birdie napped/snuggled with you on the couch all day yesterday. It was the first time she got that close to you!
~ You sometimes nap in your crib but lately you think you need to be held during  naps.
~ I am going to start putting you in your crib at bedtime but if you wake up in the night you will come in our room.

I know these next photos are pretty bad quality... but they are kinda funny. I had to share them. The lighting was horrible by the time we took pictures of Amelia. And well she had was OVER tired and sick of the photo shoot! We ended up taking this last night and I knew Amelia still wasn't feeling well due to her shots earlier in the day.

Paci out... world comes to an end!

"I'll just go to sleep, maybe they will leave me alone"

"Or they will just lay me down and still take photos...... parents"

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  1. We do love her bunches!!!! We are counting down the days till we see you guys again.

    The leg-warmers were a nice addition to the monthly photos! What a sweetie pie! I LOVE that you took some photos with Mr. E's gift. :)
    Much love, xoxoxo