Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's about time!

I haven't even posted yet about our visit with Deric's parents, niece and nephew. They traveled down to see us for spring break. We agreed on meeting in Branson for a night because we all wanted to see the Dixie Stampede. Linda (MIL) got us all tickets for the Saturday night show. You can read about the show on Deric's blog. We all had a great time and would go to the show again! We stayed just one night in Branson so Sunday morning we found a great cafe to have breakfast at. The cafe even had a guy singing up on a stage! He had a really good voice too!
 After we ate I wanted to go do the Old Time Photo.... Old Timey... is what I call em!Deric,Nate, Nikohl and I did the photo. We let the kids decide what they wanted to do so they picked the saloon pictures. Nate was just worried about the gun he was going to get to hold. He thought it was pretty cool he had the bigest gun. I didn't care what type of photo we did I just wanted to get a serious face on Nathan! He did it sooo perfectly! I just look at the photo and crack up! Nikhol and Deric had really good serious  faces also.  I don't really care for what I brought to the photo... my hair is ALL wrong. I get over it!
                              ( I am pretty sure this is illegal to copy this pic! SHHHH don't tell!)

We got home Sunday night after a little detour because of the nasty snow... yes snow in the south on spring break! We added about hour and half or more to our trip back home! We just stayed home for the rest of the evening. I made my goat cheese chicken and potatoes for dinner. While dinner was in the oven I finished up the kid's snuggies! Of course  I made them snuggies!   I had to do something to keep my mind off of my miscarriage. The kids will get a  lot of use out of them. They spend alot of summer nights by a bon fire and a snug is the way to go!  I have to thank Linda for taking pictures of the snuggies because I didn't get one picture!
                    Her pocket isn't cricked... just looks it! It isn't pulled up all the way over her shoulder
Nate's is a bit big... but he will grow into it fast! I love that the camo is tractors.

I have a friend/ neighbor that has a embroidery machine so I asked her to put the kid's names on their pockets! She was so sweet to do it at such last minute! The rest of our visit was really laid back which is nice to be able to just visit! I cut Nikohl's and Linda's hair on Monday when Deric was at work. Then took the kids to "Fast Lanes" on Monday night. We didn't bowl though. Just did the go carts and arcade games.
                                                Kohl and I stopped to wait on the track!
                                          Deric and I with the kids before they left to go home
                                                      Deric with Linda and Jerry

I thank my wonderful in-laws for coming down to visit! We love it when we have family and friends visit. We wish it would be longer and more often for sure!  We only get to see family 4 or 5 times a year!  We will be heading back up to Indiana in June. Our oldest nephew Nick (Kohl and Nate's older brother) is graduating from H.S.  I think we are planning on staying a week because it will be Kohl's 10th birthday too!

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