Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Doing Better These Days

I just thought I would update on how things are going around here. I am feeling much better. Through this whole miscarriage I have not had any pains. Which I have heard there is a lot of pain. But I prayed to the Lord if He was going to put me through this, I better not be in horrible pain! LOL Well I believe He answered my prayers!
I went this past Monday for more blood work, I figured they would call me back telling me my HCG is depleted and I was good to go.Well, they called me Tuesday telling me my number only dropped one point since last week. So they wanted me to come in asap to get another ultrasound and more blood work. Let me tell you this I am OVER all this blood work! I know it  has to be done... but really I am there every 2 to 3 days!  They did the ultrasound to make sure I wasn't having a tubular pregnancy. Thank goodness I wasn't. I have what is called a Chemical Pregnancy. This is where I have miscarried within the first 5 to 6 weeks, before implantation. My body still thinks it is pregnant but there is no way that I am since my level is so low (320).  This might be a little too much info, but hey... it's life. My miscarriage happened in the tube, so blood and fiber stuff dropped into my uterus. Thus my body thinks that is a baby so my uterus has thicken like normal pregnancy. My uterus is too thick to allow the rest of everything to pass.  So now I have to keep getting my HCG checked and if it doesn't go down  I will have to get a shot. The shot will allow my body to let everything clean out like it should.So this is all a bit of a roller coaster, but it will all work out. I just was hoping I would go in that Monday and be done with all of this.

On a brighter note... Deric's parents, niece and nephew for a long weekend. I will post about their visit later this week. It was nice to have my mother in law, Linda, here when I had to go back to the doctor.  She went with me to the doctor Tuesday morning before they left. She is so sweet and comforting to me while she was here. I am thankful we have a great relationship.  Deric was going to meet us at the doctors but they got me in so fast I told him to just stay at work. He will have plenty of his share of doctors appointments in the future.I want the appointments that Deric goes to, to be happy and wonderful. Not all these scary and weird ones! We will have our happy and exciting doctor appointments soon!  I can't wait to be blogging about those soon!

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